’90 Day Fiance’: Fernanda’s YouTube Video Slamming Jonathan Gets over 290,000 Views

90 Day Fiance alum Fernanda Flores is once again coming out with claims against her ex, Jonathan Rivera. Fernanda released what she calls “her side” of the story, where she dropped some shocking allegations in a lengthy self-produced video.

90 Day Fiance: Fernanda Flores Unloads On Jonathan Rivera

Fernanda Flores made an unexpected confession about Jonathan Rivera. The 90 Day Fiance star unloaded in a 44-minute long video uploaded on her official YouTube channel. The move came amid their divorce drama and the Realtor’s new relationship with Janelle Miller.

Ever since the split, Fernanda Flores has been throwing shade against Jonathan Rivera from time to time. But now that she claims to be “a better place,” she’s ready to go against Jonathan and dropped some major accusations against him. However, she says didn’t “sell” her part of the story to TLC or other networks. On her YouTube channel, she made her avatar an image of herself in a very eye catching skimpy one piece bikini. When the aspiring model posted her first video slamming Jonathan, she said she is “not looking for attention”. She also said she’s not looking for money, but she already has over a quarter million views on that single video. If monetized properly, it can easily be worth more than what she would get for selling a story.

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90 Day Fiance: Fernanda Claims Jonathan Pushed Her To Do The TLC Show

After Fernanda Flores was denied her visa twice, Jonathan Rivera reportedly suggested that they take the K-1 Visa route. After a year, it was approved and she was on her way to America. Around that time, she claimed that Jonathan talked to her about joining 90 Day Fiance.

Fernanda Flores, the aspiring actress/model, said she “wasn’t 100 percent sure” in participating, especially with all the cameras following their every move.

But Jonathan allegedly insisted on joining, pointing out that the publicity will be good for his business. She added that Jonathan assured her that by doing the show, she can “do whatever [she] wants” and that they can eventually move to Chicago.

Fernanda Discloses Details Of Her Alleged ‘Deal’ With Jonathan

Supposedly, Jonathan Rivera and Fernanda Flores had a deal before doing 90 Day Fiance. According to Fernanda, Jonathan promised her that they will relocate to Chicago after living in North Carolina for a year. She purported that the plan was to save enough money first, then move to Chi Town.

Previously, Jonathan Rivera said Fernanda insisted they move to Chicago so she could start a modeling career. He added that she wanted him to leave his business in NC and consider transferring everything to the Windy City.

90 Day Fiance: Fernanda Alleges Jonathan Isolated Her At Home

Fernanda Flores also alleged that Jonathan Rivera kept her isolated at home most of the time. The 90 Day Fiance star claimed it was very hard for her to be independent, especially with the way of living in Lumberton. She said there’s not much public transportation in their area, so it’s challenging for her to go places without Jonathan.

Catherine claimed that Jonathan didn’t even bother driving her to English class, despite begging him to do so. Fernanda’s friend Catherine also shared her side, backing up her claims. Catherine said that Fernanda started going to the gym less until she totally ditched the whole program. Catherine added that she wasn’t able to see Fernanda in person for months despite leaving relatively close to each other.

Fernanda Accused Jonathan Of Being Abusive

The 90 Day Fiance celeb continued with her accusations against Jonathan Rivera. Fernanda Flores asserted that her ex-husband was very controlling. She claimed that she was in a very abusive marriage, mentally, verbally, and physically.

Fernanda maintained Jonathan would call her names and insult her when they would have an argument. She found herself literally “depending on him without the right to say anything”. And, she went on to assert that while married he wouldn’t let her have her own money.

Fernanda alleged that she had to get mad at him first before she can have her own bank account. But even with her account, Fernanda was still financially dependent on Jonathan. Apparently, her account will only have funds if he transferred money on it.

However, Jonathan previously declared that he was a good provider for his ex-wife. He reiterated that he gave Fernanda everything she needs but she was never satisfied. Jonathan added that he “never neglected” Fernanda and treated her with nothing but respect.

90 Day Fiance: Fernanda Seeks Therapy

The alleged abusive marriage took a toll on Fernanda Flores, prompting her to seek therapy. However, she claimed that Jonathan Rivera was not very supportive of it. Allegedly, the 90 Day Fiance has been trying to tell her then-husband that she needs help but he “wasn’t taking it seriously”.

According to Fernanda, she wasn’t herself for months and had no motivation. She doesn’t even want to eat and feels sad all the time. Still, Jonathan purportedly ignored her and prioritized his work and image on social media.

Fernanda ended her statement on a positive note, encouraging everyone to help those who are in need. She also maintained that this will be the first and last time she will talk about her “truth”.

Fernanda has made accusations about her ex in the past, and Jonathan has responded disputing what his ex has said. Jonathan has yet to comment on his ex-wife’s statements.

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