’90 Day Fiance’: Jonathan in a Relationship – Celebrates Valentine’s with ‘True Love’

90 Day Fiance star Jonathan Rivera celebrated Valentine’s Day with his “true love” and it’s not Fernanda Flores. The newly single realtor seems to have moved on from his Mexican ex-wife. In fact, he even teased his followers that he’s currently “in a relationship”. Has he finally found the new love of his life?

90 Day Fiance: Jonathan Rivera Says He’s In A Relationship

On Thursday, February 14, Jonathan Rivera shared an intriguing update about his relationship status. In his post, the 90 Day Fiance hunk from NC seemed happy to announce that he is now “in a relationship,” just in time for V-Day. But no, Jonathan wasn’t talking about a new lady.

Instead, Jon proudly revealed that he’s in a relationship with real estate — a field he’s been passionate about even before meeting Fernanda Flores. Jonathan even called it his “true love” adding that he’s basically “married to the game”. If he’s really that obsessed with his career, was that a problem in his marriage to his teen bride?


Jonathan Says He Still Loves ‘The One’ And It’s Not Fernanda Flores

In the same post, Jonathan Rivera said his love for real estate doesn’t change one bit even after he married Fernanda Flores. The 90 Day Fiance dude continues to devote himself to selling homes, especially since it’s been his bread and butter. Jon’s dedication to his career as a real estate agent has been tested when he and Fernanda went through a rough patch.

Apparently, Fernanda tried to persuade Jonathan Rivera to leave North Carolina and move to Chicago. But Jonathan is not putting all his hard work to waste. The reality star said he just can’t give up everything he has established in town, including his business, contacts and good reputation as a realtor. “I couldn’t take giving everything and still being stripped of the things I loved,” Jonathan said in a previous post.


90 Day Fiance: Jonathan Pays Tribute To Women He Loves – Fernanda Doesn’t Make List

Jonathan Rivera also pays tribute to the women in his life on Valentine’s. The 90 Day Fiance alum saluted his mother and grandmother during the special day calling them his “forever Valentines.” Unsurprisingly, Jonathan failed to mention Fernanda Flores as one of his special ladies. It seems like he doesn’t want to associate his ex-wife to the loved-up holiday and omitted her in his greetings.

While it’s true that Jonathan and Fernanda have called it quits, many pointed out that he should’ve at least mentioned her in his V-Day post. After all, she was once a special woman in his life. But given their nasty split and war of words that ensued after, it’s understandable if Jonathan Rivera chooses to steer clear from Fernanda.


Fans Think Jonathan’s Post Proves He’s A Narcissist

With Jonathan Rivera’s sarcastic post about being loved up with real estate, some people think he’s being too full of himself. This leads to speculations that Fernanda Flores’ claims that he’s a narcissist could be true.

Previously, the 90 Day Fiance babe bluntly labeled her ex-husband a narcissist. She even listed detailed traits of narcissism that she claims her ex displays.

90 Day Fiance: Fernanda Celebrates Valentine’s With Her Dog

Meanwhile, Jonathan Rivera is not the only one celebrating Heart’s Day with a special someone. It turns out, Fernanda Flores also has her own Valentine — her pet dog.

In an Instagram posting, the 90 Day Fiance star looks happy as she posed next to her French bulldog. Fernanda even fittingly captioned it with V-Day greeting and calling her dog “my valentine”.

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Happy Valentine’s Day ❤️ #myvalentine

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By the looks of it, Fernanda has no plans to continue chasing soon-to-be-ex-husband Jonathan. The 90 Day Fiance celeb shows no sign of him on her social media and hasn’t said anything good about him lately. While their social timelines showed no signs of each other on February 14, you can bet they thought of each other for a moment.

But given the social ghosting, blocking, and mutual accusations about each other’s character, it’s no surprise. While Fernanda Flores is in Chicago seemingly pursuing a modeling career, Jonathan Rivera is spending quality time with his love – realty…

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