90 Day Fiance: Jonathan Celebrates Cancellation Of Support For Fernanda – No Longer Responsible For Ex-Wife

90 Day Fiance cast member Jonathan Rivera is in the mood to celebrate. The realtor seems ecstatic about the latest happenings in his life, particularly being free from financial obligations for ex-wife Fernanda Flores. Recently, the TLC guy took to Instagram and shared what he considers good news with his followers. It may be that Jonathan got the last laugh in his acrimonious split from Fernanda.

90 Day Fiance: Jonathan Rivera Wins Big Against Fernanda Flores

Looks like Jonathan Rivera is no longer spending a dime on Fernanda Flores. The 90 Day Fiance alum announced that he was able to ax his estranged wife’s “ticket” and is no longer responsible for her financially.

In a joyful Instagram post, the North Carolina native revealed he was granted the cancellation of his “I-184,” referring to I-864, Affidavit Of Support. Apparently, the reality star withdrew the affidavit, which he likely signed when he brought his then-fiancee Fernanda to the US to marry.


Jonathan Ready to Sever Ties With Fernanda

By the looks of it, Jonathan Rivera is eager to ditch Fernanda Flores and cut any remaining ties with her. It seems like the 90 Day Fiance star no longer wants to spend money on his ex-wife, who allegedly left him to pursue a modeling career.

In his post, Jonathan shared a snap of himself excitedly jumping with joy. He also matched it with an equally enthusiastic caption showing how happy he felt canceling his legal obligation to keep paying her way. He also hashtagged it with ticket canceled.


90 Day Fiance: What Is I-864?

So what really is an I-864? In fact, it creates a long-lasting and serious financial obligation on a sponsor, in this case, Jonathan Rivera. This document has the sponsor pledge to provide financial support to the immigrant spouse.

For a 90 Day Fiance like Jonathan Rivera, signing this also obligated him to “repay the cost of any means-tested public benefits” given to the foreigner meaning they can’t go on public assistance. It is worth noting that the sponsor’s financial requirement lasts until the immigrant becomes a citizen, can legally work, leaves the country, or dies.

And while it’s true that divorce does not end the sponsor’s obligations, it is still possible to cancel I-864 if the immigrant has not been issued a visa. So this cancellation, seems to confirm that Fernanda never got her green card. So, that’s how Jonathan could withdraw support and totally cut ties.

90 Day Fiance - Fernanda Flores - Jonathan Rivera

How Will It Affect Fernanda?

Now that Jonathan Rivera successfully canceled his support requirement for Fernanda Flores, many TLC show followers wonder what’s next for the Mexico native. The 90 Day Fiance and now ex-wife loos to be still in the US and living her life in Chicago ever since her nasty split from her ex-husband.

Previously, Fernanda faced criticism for her celeb-like lifestyle and spending habits. Jonathan’s ex-wife seems to have the means to pay for lip fillers, gym membership and even partying.

Many are wondering how Fernanda affords her seemingly expensive lifestyle when she cannot work legally in the US. Some assume that the reality babe gets cash from Jonathan since they’re still technically husband and wife.

However, Jonathan previously denied that he was the one who paid for Fernanda’s pricey procedures and lifestyle. He clarified that he doesn’t know how she paid for it, “but it’s damn sure not my money”. But, the aspiring model does have a lot of family in the US, so maybe she’s rolling on their dime.

So far, Fernanda Flores has yet to comment on Jonathan Rivera’s I-864 cancellation.

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