’90 Day Fiance’: Mursel Sad Without Anna at Heartbreak Hotel – Won’t Manly Do Things [Recap]

On 90 Day Fiance, Mursel Mistanoglu seems to be heading away from Anna Campisi and back home to Turkey. Because, the bee-keeper fears the sting of family rejection. This is all about those three sons that Mursel and fiancee Anna kept hidden from his family.

After spilling the beans on the single mom, Mursel’s kin wanted none of it. And told him to get his hiney back home to marry a nice Turkish girl. Anna, of course, is devastated. Let’s break down all the buzz of the doomed beekeepers’ romance. You can watch more of this TLC trainwreck Sundays at 8 PM.

Should Mursel Mistanoglu’s Family Mind Their own Beeswax on 90 Day Fiance?

In a thoroughly depressing sceneAnna Campisi rounds up two of her kids and her mom to tell them the bad news. Because, Mursel Mistanoglu called off the wedding. And he’ll head back to Turkey. Anna’s mom straight up gives him the business calling it out as bull-s*it. Of course, we know they married and it all worked out…

But, Mursel claims his family is aggressive and bad news. Therefore he can’t defy them. While Anna Campisi’s boys don’t like her 90 Day Fiance man Mursel much. Now, they seem upset — especially, youngest Leo. In fact, it’s Leo who sums it up best. He says that Mursel Mistanoglu needs to stand up to his family.

And that he should “manly do things”. Yeah, Mursel. Take that. The producers ask Mursel if he’ll still consider marrying Anna Campisi. What gives with his family? Are they Turkish mafia or something? Mursel Mistanoglu cries and tries to hug Leo. But the little one’s not having it on 90 Day Fiance. And who can blame him?

Mursel Banished to Hotel – Anna Tells Him They’re Done

On 90 Day Fiance, Anna Campisi banished Mursel to the Days Inn of Omaha. He cries and fires off translator texts to her. Then, she point-blank tells him they are done. Because, Mursel Mistanoglu won’t fight for their love. He video chats Anna Campisi and she guilts him mentioning again how sad Leo is.

Mursel chokes up. But, says there isn’t anything he can do. So, Anna hangs up on him and he sits alone saying he feels desperate on 90 Day Fiance. Later, Anna Campisi breaks the news to her oldest son Joey. He was not down with the situation from the start. So, he says he never thought it was a good idea.

To which Anna points out it was a good idea for her. But, Joey’s relieved the Turkish interloper’s headed home far away from him and his mom. Come on guy. Man up and manly do things. How old are you now? You can catch up with Anna Campisi and Mursel Mistanoglu Sunday nights.

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