’90 Day Fiance’ Spoilers: Meet Anna and Mursel – New Couple Keeps Children A Secret

90 Day Fiance spoilers introduce new couple Anna Campisi and Mursel Mistanoglu. The couple met on social media and quickly bonded over their love for beekeeping. Anna is a mom-of-three from Nebraska. While Mursel is from Turkey. Anna made the first move and took a trip to meet Mursel in Turkey. Four months later they got engaged over the internet. However, the couple is keeping a big secret from his family. She has children. Will this secret rip the couple apart?

90 Day Fiance Spoilers: Anna Campisi Welcomes Foreign Fiance Mursel Mistanoglu To America

Anna Campisi received a friend request from Mursel Mistanoglu after he noticed they share the same passion for beekeeping. Communicating with each other is difficult. Since they don’t speak the same language. Although, with the help of a translation service, the two started to talk and send each other pictures of their bees. Four months after their first meet in Turkey, Mursel proposed to Anna.

90 Day Fiance spoilers show Anna Campisi welcoming Mursel Mistanoglu to the United States at the airport. She admits that “the language barrier is going to be pretty tough.” So, she uses a translator app to ask Mursel “how do you feel that you’re here?” He responds with “I want to kiss you!” Safe to say he is happy to be in the U.S.

90 Day Fiance: Mursel - Anna

TLC Couple Hides Children From Family

Anna Campisi has been keeping a secret from Mursel’s family. The secret is that she is a full-time mom of three boys. She and Mursel haven’t told them that she has kids. Since they don’t approve of having kids out of wedlock. So, they have decided not to mention her sons to his family. Mursel Mistanoglu admits that he is “trying to keep Anna’s kids a secret from my family.”

90 Day Fiance spoilers indicate that Anna’s secret is causing problems. During an outing, Anna Campisi is asked, “don’t you think you should tell his family about your sons before you get married?” While one of her sons is there. Her son says “I don’t know how much Mursel is really in love with my mom.”

Mursel Heads Back Home?

Mursel Mistanoglu is in America on a K1 visa. Which means he and Anna Campisi have 90 days to get married. But, if they don’t make it down the aisle within that time frame, he will have to go back to Turkey. If his family finds out about Anna’s children it may be a reason for him to not marry her and return home.

90 Day Fiance spoilers reveal Mursel Mistanoglu leaving Anna at the airport. Anna says “maybe I’m not supposed to be happy.” She adds, “I don’t know.” In the promo, he and Anna are seen crying while hugging each other. Anna Campisi begs him not to leave. She says “please Mursel, don’t go.” Could his family know about her children and now they are forcing him to come home?

Watch the drama go down when 90 Day Fiance premiers on November 3 at 8 pm only on TLC.

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