’90 Day Fiance’: Leida Says Ex is Love of her Life – Not Eric They Talk Every Day

Things have not gone smoothly for Leida Margaretha and Eric Rosenbrook on 90 Day Fiance. Now, it turns out that Eric may not be her happily ever after. According to Leida, another man is the love of her life. Could this spell trouble down the line for the couple?

Leida Margaretha still in love with ex-husband?

Leida recently did an Instagram Story and answered questions about her first wedding. When asked if her ex-husband Daniel was the love of her life, she said, “He was…”

When asked if they still talk she said, “Yes everyday…”.

Leida said that the only reason they broke up was their parents were always fighting. Her words were: “Our families hate each other after we get married Constant fighting.”

She was asked by a 90 Day Fiance fan whether or not she regrets divorcing her first husband. She responded, “No… we’re still friends…” She says she still gets along with her ex. Plus, its been anything but a smooth transition for Leida since she arrived on American soil.

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A whopping price tag for last wedding

It’s clear that 90 Day Fiance Leida Margaretha comes from a rich family. It’s evident in the way she carries herself and how different that is from Eric and his simpler means. Leida revealed that her previous wedding came with a $300,000 price tag – well out of Eric’s price range, surely.

It sounds like Leida might still be happily married to her ex if it wasn’t for their families bickering. Is she using Eric Rosenbrook as a means to escape her controlling family? She certainly isn’t with him for his money. As much as Leida complains about Eric’s lifestyle and standard of living on 90 Day Fiance, something drove her to leap from the lap of luxury.

Eric Rosenbrook could be her ticket to escape her family and put continents between them. But is Eric playing second fiddle to a man that she’d much rather be with were it not for her family being in the way? Leida Margaretha reveals that her ex is now in Japan. Would she be with him if he weren’t so close to Indonesia? If her goal is to put as much distance between herself and her family, Eric is the better choice geographically.

Is Eric Rosenbrook her endgame on 90 Day Fiance?

We saw early on this season of 90 Day Fiance that Leida Margaretha was worried sick that her family wouldn’t let her stay in America with Allessandro. Then again, if Leida paired with Eric Rosenbrook to spite her family, maybe she gets some sort of satisfaction out of how much they don’t approve of his lifestyle and how much it differs from their own back in Indonesia.

So far, fans haven’t seen a full-on fight when it comes to Leida’s family. Her folks may look down on Eric and turn their nose at some of his lifestyle choices, but we have yet to see the kind of intense bickering that Leida claims plagued her previous marriage. Leida also said that her ex-husband is coming to America next year to spend time with Allessandro. Her ex-mother-in-law visited her in Baraboo recently too. That’s a lot of family ties!

Married for now…

Still, Eric and Leida are not without their squabbles on 90 Day Fiance. One way or another, it looks like money will always be an issue when it comes to their relationship. Leida Margaretha wants the finer things in life out of habit. Eric Rosenbrook, on the other hand, is comfortable with living on the cheap. Even when Leida pitches a fit and wants her way, he doesn’t really budge.

It would be interesting to know how Eric feels about Leida talking to her ex-husband every day. When fans asked her that same question, she insisted he’s fine with it and told them to go ask her new man if they don’t believe it. As 90 Day Fiance fans saw on the last episode, Leida was unhappy with just about everything Eric tries to do as they plan their wedding. Is she too busy thinking about what could have been with her ex-husband?

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