’90 Day Fiance’ Spoiler: Eric Kicks Daughter Out so Leida will Stay?

90 Day Fiance spoilers show Eric Rosenbrook looks a bit desperate even before Leida Margaretha steps foot in America. This 40-year-old guy prepped his family last week on Leida’s arrival. She’s 29 and Eric shares how Leida’s not happy about him paying child support to his ex.

It doesn’t take long for Leida to cause the fur to fly at Eric’s home. Leida’s behavior appalls the 90 Day Fiance fans who hop on Twitter to voice their outrage.

90 Day Fiance Spoilers: Problems for Eric Rosenbrook and Leida Margaretha

This week it looks like Eric wants to kick his 19-year old daughter, Tasha Rosenbrook, out so that Leida and her son will move in. Apparently, Leida Margaretha won’t stay if Eric’s 19-year-old daughter continues to live with them. As a result of this, 90 Day Fiance fans hopped on Twitter to condemn this. It appears from the previews that this may be the case, which caused the social media sites to light up.

While the TLC 90 Day Fiance show has a big tendency to edit the previews for more drama, fans should learn the real outcome on tonight’s episode.

As the second episode of the new season of 90 Day Fiance airs tonight, Eric Rosenbrook has red flags popping up all around him. One of the unique things about Eric’s divorce situation is that he is good friends with his ex-wife, Tania Rosenbrook.

They co-parent their three daughters and Eric Rosenbrook faithfully makes child support payments. While most people see this as good qualities in a good man, it looks like Leida has a different idea.

Eric Rosenbrook Pays Child Support

Eric Rosenbrook lives in Baraboo, Wisconsin, where he works as an avionics technician and supervisor. He’s a former US Marine and a man who “loves America.”

His three girls on 90 Day Fiance are  21, 19, and 11, with Leida Margaretha closer to his oldest daughter’s age than she is to his.

With two of his girls over the legal age of 18, he is paying child support for his 11-year-old and this is a bone of contention for Leida Margaretha.

90 Day Fiance – Leida Margaretha Born With Silver Spoon in Mouth

Leida hails from Indonesia where she was born with a silver spoon in her mouth. She also has a young son. Why she would leave the luxurious life she leads to move into Eric’s small apartment in Wisconsin has Eric’s friends and family baffled.

From maids to chefs and chauffeurs to a mansion, Leida comes from a place where everything gets done for her. So it’s no surprise when she looks at Eric’s small discombobulated apartment in disgust on tonight’s show.  She wants a maid but Eric Rosenbrook quickly turns that request down.

Eric’s daughters have major questions regarding Leida’s agenda for moving to the US to marry their father. When Eric sat down last week with his ex-wife and three daughters for a family dinner, he gave them the scoop.

Red Flags Flying High

He explained that where Leida is from child support doesn’t exist, so it is a very foreign idea to Leida. This dinner happened before Leida arrived. Eric’s description of Leida to his family was odd.  Was he looking for someone to talk him out of this?

He tells his ex-wife and kids that his foreign love interest is upset that he has to pay child support. Leida Margaretha is also not keen on the idea that Eric Rosenbrook remained friends with his ex-wife.

90 Day Fiance spoilers reveal Eric’s ex is taken back a bit, she thought they’d become friends since her children would be spending time with this woman. But… after tonight’s show, it should be apparent that Eric’s kids want nothing to do with her.

This results in Leida stepping off the plane already not liking Eric’s ex-wife and Eric’s ex not happy about Leida’s take on child support. As far as Leida is concerned it sounds like it’s Eric she’s marrying and it ends there.

90 Day Fiance – Eric Rosenbrook Ignores Leida Margaretha Red Flags

Leida Margaretha is marrying into a close-knit family, despite their divorce status. 90 Day Fiance spoilers predict Leida’s arrival is a recipe for disaster.

So what about the red flags? Besides Leida’s child support issues, it looks as if Leida has no room in her new home for Eric’s middle daughter who lives with him. But Leida has a son of her own who looks like a handful.

First of all, Leida’s 5-year-old son appears energetic. It also appears as if she is lacking in the discipline department when it comes to raising this boy. Eric’s kids are older and from all indications, well behaved.

Ex-Marine and Rambunctious Kid

Even before she gets to America, disciplining her kid seems to present as a problem. In a very strict-sounding voice, Eric tells Leida over face-time on the computer that they discussed bedtime curfews for the boy. This is said as her son acting a bit rambunctious in the background of their chat.

90 Day Fiance spoilers hint this is one very big red flag, as Eric Rosenbrook is an ex-marine who appears very disciplined in his life. Eric’s girls appear very mature for their age and very well behaved.

The major problem between Eric and Leida first crops up on tonight’s show. The spoilers from In Touch Magazine suggest Leida Margaretha will have issues with Eric’s middle daughter, who is 19.

Eric Rosenbrook Might Have to Choose Between His Kids and Leida Margaretha

Eric’s middle daughter gets to a point with her future stepmother that puts Eric in quite the predicament. He may have to choose between his kids and his fiance. His daughter is furious in the next episode and calls Leida out for ruining their lives. Eric Rosenbrook tells Leida not to make him choose between her and his kids.

It also looks like Leida would rather sit in a messy house and request Eric employ a maid rather than get up and help him with the chores. The previews for this week’s show also spotlight Leida’s temper. It looks like Eric’s life is in a mess almost as soon as Leida Margaretha gets off the plane.

90 Day Fiance – Fans Bash Eric on Twitter

Fans of the show hopped on Twitter to speak their mind over Eric Rosenbrook tearing his family to shreds for this glorified “mail-order bride.” Many fans are appalled over Leida’s behavior but even more stunned by Eric not sending her back home to Indonesia.

90 Day Fiance – It’s a Mess

His foreign love interest is seen in one clip sitting a table among a messy-looking kitchen area and Eric Rosenbrook is the one on his feet doing the cooking and chores.

The red flags are there, but it appears Eric ignores them as he has marriage in his scope. He has blinders on to anything that might interfere in that marriage. 90 Day Fiance returned with their sixth season last week on TLC. Come back to Soap Dirt often for all the 90 Day Fiance spoilers and news.