90 Day Fiance: Leida Ditches Instagram After Online Backlash Erupts Again

90 Day Fiance star Leida Margaretha, wife of Eric Rosenbrook, says she’s not having any of the online hate anymore. The former Miss Indonesia finalist is putting an end on all the negativity she’s been getting by ditching social media. Or is she?

Certainly fans of the hit TLC reality show are already familiar with Leida’s feisty attitude. But now, the reality star seemed to reach her breaking point, prompting her to take a break from Instagram. But she’s not completely gone it seems despite what she said.

90 Day Fiance: Leida Margaretha Deactivates Instagram Account

Looks like the stress of all the mean comments is taking a toll on Leida Margaretha. The reality cast member, who many fans consider the worst of this season’s cast, faced a lot of criticism lately. Apparently, this prompted her to pull the plug on her social media activities.

Over the weekend, 90 Day Fiance Leida announced that she will deactivate her “public” Instagram account. But before officially starting her hiatus, the Jakarta native raged at her “online bullies” in an Insta tirade.

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The convention leida was gonna attend dropped her ass..See if i didnt get some major tea on thks dumb bitch i would feel sorry for her.. But since shes a rotten ass disgusting human being.even worse then what yall see on TV.. i will show yall what i got soon.. But bye hoe.. Be gone. Karma doesn't fuck with people for no reason.. Ill say one kf the thjngs this disgusting bitch did.. From what i heard, her and her hoe ass followers got Tania and Aunties from Aunties advice police record and were trying to get blogs to repost. Even though Tanias record is from 1992.. I wont show it because people change. This bitch truly has the mind of a teenager. And thats not even the worst of the shit shes done.. #tlc #90dayfiance #evil #vile #hateful #bitch

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Leida Says Haters Wrecking Her Life

Throughout the current season of 90 Day Fiance, Leida Margaretha constantly earned outraged comments from viewers who don’t like her attitude. By now, it seems like Eric Rosenbrook’s wife should be accustomed to the critics. Especially with how feisty she is as responds to some of them.

However, it seems like no matter how tough she portrays herself to be, there’s still a part of her that just couldn’t take some of the nasty remarks.

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In her lengthy post, Leida emotionally calls out those who are trying to “destroy” her life. The reality star claims her “online bullies” want her to be miserable and are doing everything they can to make sure she’ll suffer. “You don’t like me to be happy. You don’t like me to be sad,” an infuriated Leida said. “You’re trying to destroy my life.”

90 Day Fiance: Leida Loses More Endorsements

The Indonesian K1 visa bride also seems to address her axed endorsement deals. Leida, who usually shares advertisement-like posts on Instagram, was publicly denied by brands she seems to promote online.

Previously, the 90 Day Fiance sensation posted photos of herself endorsing several brands. These include FabfitFun and Smile Vegan Style. She even offered discounts using a promotional coupon code. However, the two companies clarify that they are not collaborating with Leida.

SurelyMine severed ties with Leida for the company said was her unacceptable behavior on 90 Day Fiance. However, Leida denies she was let go. She claims they’re just letting things cool down before resuming their collaboration.

Leida Kicked Out Of Cosplay Convention

Aside from that, Leida seemed to also lose her part in an upcoming cosplay convention. The reality star, who is an avid cosplayer, proudly posted about the upcoming gig and her participation on it. However, she later revealed that even that project was taken away from her.

There were also claims that 90 Day Fiance Leida was begging her fans to contact the convention organizer to convince them to take her back. “You don’t want me to associate with any brand,” Leida wrote. “You don’t want me to even participate to the convention. What did I ever do to your life? Do I deserve to be treated like this? Do I deserve to get many hates and death threats?”

Meanwhile, there were also allegations that she created at least three new Instagram accounts under different names. The chatter says she made the accounts just two hours after announcing her hiatus. Of course, her Insta account is still there, she only took it private, so that’s not much of a social media break, is it?

So do you think Leida Margaretha deserves all the negativity she’s been getting? Should she stay away from social media for good? Or should she have thicker skin to face all the criticism? Be sure to watch tonight’s 90 Day Fiance Tell All on TLC.

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