’90 Day Fiance’: Leida Admits to Using Eric in Leaked DMs – Uses Fake Profiles to Do Damage Control?

90 Day Fiance Leida Margaretha admits to using Eric Rosenbrook to further her future in America in possible leaked DMs posted online. These posts are causing a stir among fans, while some Leida supporters are calling them fake.

It also appears Leida, or her supporters, may be using fake accounts on social media to do damage control following alleged leaked DMs. Leida is willing to step on anything and anyone to get what she wants, if the leaked DMs are real.

90 Day Fiance: Leida Margaretha using Eric Rosenbrook?

Leida’s alleged leaked DMs are not just incendiary if true, they’re the nuclear football of DMs. This wouldn’t be just a minor slip-up or an accidental faux pas. Leida may have been caught dead to rights with her hand in the cookie jar:

“Honesty I don’t care what happens to Eric or Tasha or whoever else once I’m done with them. I’ll have my medical career and my son will have his opportunities and American future here in this country. Anyone standing in my way will get stepped on.”

“All the stupid Americans that don’t like me can eat s*** and die. I’m done with the stupid show and I’m done with the stupid producers and how they make me look and I’m done with all the stupid Americans that watch the show. They can all eat s*** and die! I’m seriously done! F*** this.”

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90 Day Fiance: Leida Margaretha trying to paint a different picture

90 Day Fiance fans bust Leida Margaretha for what they claim are fake social media accounts to do damage control and say positive things about herself. If you scroll through any 90 Day Fiance groups on Facebook, it doesn’t take long to spot what some fans claim are fake profiles.

A recent post touts what an “exotic beauty” she is. The same post also mentions that “the obsession with her is scary,” and that “those who are sending death threats are sick & unhappy individuals who are miserable in their own lives.”

A 90 Day Fiance fan got a screenshot of what they claim is a post before it was deleted. Perhaps even Leida may realize when she lays it on too thick if these are her posts. Another interesting thing is that fans think they are onto her. Many fans think the jig is up and she’s not fooling anyone – except maybe Eric Rosenbrook.

Whenever a particularly pro-Leida account pops up, there’s a network of fans ready to call her out on it and bring attention to it. If these positive posts were made by Leida, it may have worked initially, but if Leida Margaretha is using these fake accounts to say positive things about herself, fans aren’t buying it. It’s interesting to watch fans rally around outing these possible fake profiles. If it was her and she’s looking for sympathy, she likely won’t get it now.

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90 Day Fiance: How many fake profiles does Leida Margaretha have?

90 Day Fiance followers are not sure just how many Leida Margaretha uses to paint a more favorable picture of herself. Of course some of the fake profiles may have been created by true Leida fans trying to help her out.

Outing one possible fake profile on Instagram, a fan wrote: “I have received proof that my suspicions were correct and this is without a doubt, Leida and one of her multiple fake accounts she’s using to do damage control about her leaked DMs”.

While it’s unknown how many exist, the user doesn’t exactly go out of her way to hide some of them. One of the profiles in question uses the moniker “Leah Gilarowski.” Leah is rather similar to Leida. Is this a coincidence?

There’s never a dull moment when it comes to 90 Day Fiance. A number of fans have made it their personal mission to out each and every fake profile they come across. The zeal with which they go about doing this is rather interesting. It’s quite a spectacle to witness.

Where does this leave Eric?

90 Day Fiance watchers have seen Eric Rosenbrook throw his family under the bus and sacrifice everything for Leida. He filed a police report against his daughter Tasha and defended Leida’s comments about his youngest daughter Jennica. He does everything possible to side with Leida, and if she’s been using him the whole time, he won’t have anything to show for that loyalty.

That said, if Leida drops Eric as soon as she gets what she wants, not all 90 Day Fiance viewers will be sympathetic. Some fans have posted that if Leida ends up leaving him high and dry, he deserves it. It looks like Eric Rosenbrook could be just the latest stepping stone on that path.

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