90 Day Fiance: Jonathan Rivera Threatens Fans Over Leaked Weiner Pic

90 Day Fiance star Jonathan Rivera has threatened to take legal action against fans who shared images of his private parts on social media. Pictures of Jonathan’s weiner were screenshotted and posted all over social media after Fernanda Flores flashed his junk on her Instagram Stories. It appears Jonathan’s private parts are not so private anymore.

Fernanda Flores Says Sorry to Fans for “Huge” Error

Jonathan Rivera’s now-wife Fernanda Flores claims she “accidentally” shared the racy video of Jon’s manhood (with her hand on it) on her Instagram Stories. She deleted the video not long after it posted, but it was already too late. Tons of 90 Day Fiance fans already watched and downloaded the x-rated IG post.

Fernanda offered up an apology to fans and went on to say, “It was a huge mistake”. However, before she deleted the post, fans were posting and sharing screenshots as well as the video itself. With all those videos and pictures circulating, needless to say, Jonathan’s weiner went viral.

90 Day Fiance – Jonathan Rivera Threatens Fans

It seems like the North Carolina realtor didn’t like the attention (or he was kicking up dust to drive more attention). Because then 90 Day Fiance personality Jonathan Rivera took to both Facebook and Instagram to issue threatening warnings to fans of the hit TLC show.

In a now-deleted Facebook post, he said that fans who shared images could face legal action for sharing the images. Jonathan Rivera even went so far to tell one fan that they were part of an investigation and that the couple’s attorneys would be handling the case. He also said that the local authorities had been contacted.

Jonathan also posted a threatening comment to fan on a now-deleted Instagram post. He commented, “If I were you, I wouldn’t share a thing.” Jonathan Rivera went on to say, “Our attorneys are already on top of this and I wouldn’t want you to get wrapped up in this lawsuit.”

Check out the slideshow below of some of the fallout from this 90 Day Fiance Weiner-Gate controversy.

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Jonathan and Fernanda – Future In Jeopardy?

Will “Weiner-Gate” put Jonathan and Fernanda at risk in their professional lives? Remember, Jonathan is a Realtor. The weiner pics could be a violation of his professional code of ethics. Fernanda Flores also could face professional repercussions. She has a partnership deal with a company that sells pashminas (fancy scarves).

The 90 Day Fiance negative publicity from the leaked video could cause them to cut ties with her. Then again, the scandal just might ignite a spark in both of their businesses. Kim Kardashian and Farrah Abraham both seem to have had their careers take off after racy videos of them “leaked”. Will this 90 Day Fiance couple make the most of this?

90 Day Fiance – Video Leak No Accident?

Jonathan and Fernanda Flores seem like they would be a great drama factory for 90 Day Fiance. Sadly as it turns out, their storylines that look wild in previews tend to fizzle when the full context is revealed. There’s a lot of sizzle with these two but very little meat when it comes to their storylines.

Jonathan and Fernanda Flores are just a couple who seem to be legitimately in love. Their real lives are pretty drama-free. They both post a lot on Instagram. Most of the posts are of the two of them doing fun things together. So, now 90 Day Fiance fans are wondering if the “accidental” leak was done on purpose as an attention grab by the couple.

If attention was wanted, it happened, but it’s mostly negative after Jonathan threatened fans. Today, the 90 Day Fiance dude is busy posting Realtor stuff and houses for sale on his Insta Stories. Maybe he’s trying to make the most of the attention to benefit his business, even if the limelight isn’t positive.

What Does TLC Think of Controversy?

TLC and 90 Day Fiance production company Sharp Entertainment count on the fans to bring ratings and revenue to the show. So a little bit of controversy can be good if it keeps viewers turning in. But have Jonathan Rivera and Fernanda Flores jeopardized their working relationship with TLC and Sharp?

Jonathan’s threats outraged fans. After all, it was his partner who leaked the video (accident or not). Attacking fans on social media can’t be good for the TLC brand. So, the TLC network may not take kindly to their “stars” threatening to sue viewers.

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