’90 Day Fiance’: Jonathan Chases Fernanda After Jealous Rage – Can Teen Be Tamed?

90 Day Fiance stars Jonathan Rivera and Fernanda Flores have some major trust issues to conquer from the looks of Sunday night’s episode. Since Fernanda landed in the US on her K1 visa, she’s had outbursts of jealousy and rage. How is Jonathan going to make a marriage work with the 19-year-old who still acts very much like a teenager – only because she is?

90 Day Fiance – Jonathan Rivera and Fernanda Flores

This 90 Day Fiance couple has an 11-year age difference between them. While that’s not so bad if one is in their mid-20s and the other in their mid-30s – but Fernanda is still a teenager and she’s acting like one.

After Jonathan catches up to Fernanda running down the street, on Sunday night’s episode, she does give him a piece of her mind. It will be interesting to see if this 32-year-old can navigate alongside Fernanda through her final year of being a teen.

The Taming of the Teen?

This started from the first day Jonathan brought her to their new home from the airport. She was looking through a dresser drawer and found a pair of women’s panties. Fernanda got so upset that you’d swear she also found a woman attached to those panties. This was seen earlier this season on this TLC reality show.

She wouldn’t go for Jonathan’s explanation. He said they were there for so long that he forgot that he had them. He tried to convince her that the underwear was left over from an old girlfriend. Fernanda made a point that he knew she was coming so all remnants of previous relationships needed to go out.

90 Day Fiance – Did Jonathan Rivera Cheat on Fernanda Flores?

While there are no reports of Jonathan ever cheating on Fernanda, she is acting as if he did. She is treating him like a man who has a habit of straying outside the relationship. On this Sunday’s 90 Days Fiance episode, Fernanda pushes a woman on the dance floor for dancing with Jonathan.

The woman, who is a friend of Jonathan, feels the wrath of Fernanda. A drink goes flying and Jonathan holds Fernanda back from tackling the woman. Following the dance floor display, Fernanda goes running down the street with Jonathan not far behind her.

Fernanda Lucky Law wasn’t Involved

When Jonathan catches up to his 90 Day Fiance partner she’s screaming and pushing him as well. Fernanda is lucky that woman didn’t call the police.  Is this a couple who will make it work? It doesn’t appear Fernanda can curtail that jealousy and rage of hers and that might be a scary thing for Jonathan.

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