90 Day Fiance: Jonathan Reacts To Fernanda’s Nose Job – ‘You Can’t Fix Fake’

90 Day Fiance star Jonathan Rivera is not happy about Fernanda Flores‘ new look and lifestyle. The realtor hunk calls out his ex-wife after publicly flaunting herself getting a nose job. When they split, he made it clear that Fernanda left him to pursue a career as a model. Then Jonathan said things didn’t go her way and she wanted to reconcile, but he refused to take her back. Now he’s critiquing her latest vanity project, it seems.

90 Day Fiance: Jonathan Rivera Not A Fan Of Fernanda Flores’ Nose Job

Looks like Jonathan Rivera is not impressed with Fernanda Flores’ recent nose job. The 90 Day Fiance alum voiced his opinion about his ex-wife’s decision to alter her looks amid the drama between them. They still seem to be in a social media war of words.

In a response to a fan comment, Jonathan says he couldn’t care less about Fernanda’s nose job, but it’s a different story when she drags his name into controversy. It’s hard to blame the newly single dude, especially when his ex calls him names and lambasts him online after the split.

90 Day Fiance - Jonathan Rivera

Jonathan Not Okay With Fernanda Dragging His Name Into Her Drama

While it’s true that both Jonathan Rivera and Fernanda Flores have been throwing jabs at each other, it’s the latter who fires more shots lately. The 90 Day Fiance babe is not afraid to speak her mind, especially if it’s about her ex-husband. However, it seems like Jonathan is done with all her drama.

The reality star bluntly reveals he doesn’t want his name dragged into Fernanda’s issues. The North Carolina realtor accused her of dragging him to “redirect the attention off of you”. Then he mocked her nose job and implied she’s a hypocrite for saying he’s “the narcissist”.

90 Day Fiance - Jonathan Rivera - Fernanda Flores

Jonathan On Fernanda’s Nose Job: ‘You Can’t Fix Fake’

Jonathan Rivera goes on to throw shade at his soon-to-be ex-wife Fernanda Flores. The 90 Day Fiance dude seems to question his ex-wife’s decision to undergo a non-surgical rhinoplasty. Apparently, he thinks her saying she’s lived through “hell” doesn’t add up when she’s so focused on her looks.

The reality star also opens up about their failed marriage, saying that he “sacrificed so much for someone who deserved so little”. Jonathan’s diss doesn’t end there. In the same post, 90 Day Fiance Jonathan points out that getting a nose job cannot fix someone’s issues. “You can’t fix fake,” he bluntly wrote.

90 Day Fiance - Fernanda Flores - Nose Job

90 Day Fiance: Jonathan Didn’t Pay For Fernanda’s Nose Fillers

Meanwhile, speculation as to who paid for Fernanda Flores’ nose procedure continue to be a hot topic for 90 Day Fiance fans. Apparently, many are wondering how the Mexican beauty afforded the pricey procedure.

Others also point out that Fernanda seems to be living large yet cannot work legally in the country. This led to allegations that Jonathan Rivera is still supporting her financially. However, Jonathan quickly shot down rumors saying he doesn’t know how she paid for it, “but it’s damn sure not my money.”

The drama between Fernanda Flores and Jonathan Rivera is still far from over. The couple doesn’t seem too keen on fixing their marriage. There also seems little chance they will be on friendly terms anytime soon. Fans will have to wait and see what the future holds for this couple.

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