90 Day Fiance: Jonathan Labeled ‘Cheater’ – New GF Allegedly Caused Fernanda Split

90 Day Fiance star Jonathan Rivera faces new accusations that he cheated on ex-wife Fernanda Flores. The TLC celeb allegedly had an affair while still married to his wife, Fernanda. The source claims that Jonathan’s new girlfriend was the “other woman”. An anonymous tipster surfaced online and dropped some shocking claims about the North Carolina realtor. Such claims coincide with Jonathan teasing his new flame on social media. Is there any truth to the allegations against him?

90 Day Fiance: Jonathan Rivera Accused Of “Fooling Around” While Married to Fernanda Flores

Looks like Jonathan Rivera’s romantic cruise with his mystery girlfriend is just the calm before the storm. The 90 Day Fiance celeb is facing new controversies that could potentially damage his reputation. The anonymous source alleges that Jonathan has been cheating on Fernanda Flores before the couple split.

In a Reddit thread, the source claimed that Jonathan Rivera had been “fooling around” for much of the time he was with Fernanda. Supposedly, he was able to get away with these antics because Fernanda was dependent on him. Since she didn’t know anyone around town at that time, she was allegedly kept isolated at home most of the time. This was a complaint seen on episodes of the TLC show.


Source Claims Jonathan Introduced Lover To Fernanda As Co-Worker

Interestingly, it was claimed that Jonathan Rivera’s rumored mistress and now girlfriend is his co-worker. The report claims the 90 Day Fiance alum and his girlfriend were “friends with benefits” before going public. There were even claims that Jonathan introduced the woman to Fernanda Flores as his colleague.

The same person added that Jonathan Rivera “used work as an excuse” to keep the cameras out of his workplace and avoid being exposed. He also allegedly spent a lot of alone time with the same girl. The same source alleges he told Fernanda he had “late business meetings” to slip away and see the reported other woman.

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90 Day Fiance: Jonathan’s New GF Allegedly Caused Breakup From Fernanda

The unidentified informant seems sure saying Jonathan Rivera’s new flame was the real reason behind his divorce from Fernanda Flores. She maintains that the 90 Day Fiance star’s affair with the mystery lady is what triggered the split and not Fernanda’s move to Chicago. Previously, the aspiring model denied that her decision to relocate caused the rift between her and Jon.

Fernanda claimed that Jonathan promised her prior to her arrival in the US that they would move to the Windy City. Although she did not reveal much, Fernanda implied that there’s a far bigger issue that prompted her to leave him. Did his rumored affair with a new girl prompt the split?

Is the 90 Day Fiance star a Notorious Cheater?

The tipster went on to allege that Jonathan Rivera had always been a “notorious cheater”. She claimed that the 90 Day Fiance cast member had that rep even before meeting Fernanda Flores. The source accused him of pretending to be the “good guy”.

The same source added that Jon’s circle of friends have known about his cheating antics but have been “biting their tongue”. However, she claimed that some of his pals have had enough of his deceiving ways. Apparently, they ended up completely cutting him off.

So far, both Jonathan Rivera and Fernanda have yet to react to the accusations.

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