’90 Day Fiance’: Colt’s New Girlfriend Revealed – Debbie Chaperones On Son’s Date

90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After star Colt Johnson hinted about his new romance earlier this week. The TLC celeb uploaded an intriguing photo of himself holding hands with a mystery woman while on a road trip. Now, new leaks suggest that Colt’s new bae may have something in common with ex-wife Larissa Dos Santos Lima.

And that’s not all. Apparently, Debbie Johnson is in favor of her son’s new romance. So much so that the 90 Day Fiance mother tagged along during her son’s date with the anonymous lady, according to a tipster.

90 Day Fiance: Colt Johnson’s Alleged Girlfriend Exposed

Looks like fans of Colt Johnson won’t be waiting much longer to know who his new bae is. Apparently, new details about the 90 Day Fiance’s rumored girlfriend has been exposed online. A tipster, who claims to know the unidentified woman, spilled the tea about her identity and revealed what went down during their recent date.

The source shared a photo of Colt and his supposed new girl together. In the snap, the two looked like they had a fun day together and appeared comfortable with each other’s company. It is also worth noting that the 90 Day Fiance celeb and the girl were wearing the exact same outfit they were rocking during their road trip PDA photo.

According to the 90 Day Fiance informant, Colt’s rumored main squeeze is her sister-in-law’s “au pair” friend from Chicago. She alleged that the red-haired lady knows Colt’s deal and decided to date him “for the gag”.

Previously, it was rumored that Colt’s ladylove is actually the eyeglass-wearing waitress he complimented during a wedding venue visit with Larissa on 90 Day Fiance. Many pointed out that the woman in the photo resembles the server’s petite built and auburn hair.

90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After: Colt Johnson

Source Claims Colt’s New Girl Also A Brazilian

Interestingly, the tipster claimed Colt Johnson’s new boo is also a Brazilian just like his ex -wife. She noted that the 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After celeb definitely has a type in women and is not ashamed to show it.

Although the speculations remain unconfirmed, Colt’s previous underwear shopping seems to match with such claims. Last week, Colt splurged on some raunchy underwear at Victoria’s Secret. Colt specifically looked at the catalog that reads, “Very Sexy Push-Up and Brazilian Panty”. Could it be that the lace bra and panties are actually for this mystery girl?

90 Day Fiance: Mother Debbie Johnson Accompanies Colt Johnson On His Date With New Lady

Amid Colt Johnson’s rumored budding romance, many are wondering what Debbie Johnson’s reaction is. Apparently, fans of 90 Day Fiance are curious to know if she supports Colt’s new romance more than she supports his marriage with Larissa. The answer might be a big yes.

According to the same source, the cat-lover mama actually tagged along during Colt’s date with the mystery lady. That would probably explain why the pair managed to have their photo taken from the back seat of the car. Was it a sign of approval? Or was Debbie Johnson just being her usual motherly self?

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