’90 Day Fiance’: Team Larissa vs Team Debbie – Fans Take Sides

90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After stars, Larissa Dos Santos Lima and Debbie Johnson, aren’t the ideal in-law duo but who’s to blame? Is Colt Johnson’s mother, Debbie, the interfering mother-in-law? Or is Larissa the daughter-in-law that moved in and took over the minute she moved in? With two sides to every story, it looks like the online world is divided over Team Debbie and Team Larissa. So whose side are you on when it comes to this 90 Day Fiance bride and mother-in-law?

90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After Mother Debbie Johnson and Slot Machine

90 Day Fiance fans have dubbed Colt Johnson’s mom ‘Little Debbie’ as a term of endearment. From what fans know about Debbie Johnson, it appears she once liked her peaceful home. She’s lived with Colt Johnson for many years in a quiet surrounding. Up until Larissa moving in, only the occasional hissing of a cat interrupting the tranquility of their humble abode.

Colt and Debbie Johnson’s home was void of living room furniture when Larissa arrived. Debbie gave Larissa full reign to decorate the house when first meeting her. But as fans watched the trio in the 90 Day Fiance series (including Happily Ever After) it’s obvious that’s changed. Mother Debbie, which is how Debbie Johnson refers to herself online, became a bit territorial with her things. But this might have happened as a result of Larissa’s complaining about everything in their home.

Debbie Johnson’s slot machine isn’t as much about gambling as it is about sentiment. It was a gift from her late husband and it takes up a prominent place in the home’s living area. That machine became a bone of contention for Larissa from day one. She wants it out of the middle of the house. Of course, this doesn’t sit well with Debbie or Colt for that matter. As 90 Day Fiance viewers know, it is a reminder of a husband and father who’s missed.

Happily Ever After: Larissa Dos Santos Lima Wants House of Her Own

Larissa wants a home of her own as many new brides would. But she knew Colt Johnson was a package deal with his mom before she landed in Vegas. Or at least that’s what fans saw when the trio appeared in Before the 90 Days season. When Colt had FaceTime with Larissa she did know Debbie Johnson was there. Colt remarked at the time how at least she’s OK about living with his mother.

What fans didn’t see is Debbie Johnson telling Larissa living with his mother was just temporary. Colt’s irate wife reminded him of this on a recent 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After episode. And… he didn’t deny that he said it. So it looks like Larissa was under the impression from the get-go that she and Colt would eventually move out and go their separate way from Debbie.

90 Day Fiance: Respect at a Minimum

During heated arguments with Colt Johnson, Larissa seemed to target Debbie as well. Some rather disrespectful things emerged from Larissa toward her mother-in-law while the 90 Day Fiance cameras filmed. So who knows what’s said when the cameras don’t have them in their scope. A few times Mother Debbie mentioned that Larissa shows her no respect. From where Debbie Johnson sits, it might look as if this Brazilian mail order-like bride took over her home as well as her son. Through Larissa’s eyes, she may see a husband still tied to his mom’s apron strings.

The 90 Day Fiance scene where Debbie Johnson and Larissa shop for furniture is an eye-opener. It revealed a few things about both women. Colt’s mother keeps track of his money for him so while shopping for furniture Debbie shot down Larissa’s choices. Of course, the price tags were a bit extravagant. But having to go through your fiance’s mother to get furniture, well that’s not what a prospective bride wants to hear. But after learning that Debbie held the purse strings – Larissa still stayed.

Happily Ever After: Jealousy Festered?

The fans became aware of Larissa’s expensive taste during that same 90 Day Fiance scene furniture shopping scene. Not to mention it seemed like she thought money grew on trees in America. But still, a bride-to-be probably should be dealing with her soon-to-be husband over finances, not his mom.

Colt Johnson has said his mother does a lot for him and he deemed himself a mama’s boy. But when he brought his potential soul mate home, it seemed he expected his mom to step into his shoes as well when it came to Larissa, like reeling her in while furniture shopping. That wasn’t fair to put Debbie or Larissa in the polarized positions that he did at times. The same behavior continued from Before the 90 Days straight through to Happily Ever After.

It had to be hard for Debbie Johnson to relinquish all the things she did for her son once Larissa arrived on the scene. By the same token, Larissa saw her future husband waited on by his mother, which didn’t seem to stop once they became husband and wife. This interaction seemed to brew a little jealousy between the two women on the 90 Day Fiance seasons. While Colt felt stuck in the middle, some might say he’s the one who put himself there.

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