’90 Day Fiance’: See Colt in Hot New Music Video With Cookie Dough and Mother Debbie

90 Day Fiance‘s Colt Johnson is getting a redo in the latest music video from artist Alex Winston – sort of. He is the subject of the singer/songwriter’s latest video for her single Miss U 1000000. The quirky video even features appearances by Mama Debbie Johnson and kitty cat Cookie Dough. Colt Johnson appearing in the new video has been teased for some time now. What else does it reveal?

Colt exclusively told Soap Dirt about working with Alex Winston, “It was great to work with Alex. She’s very talented and I was happy to collaborate with her.

Also, Alex Winston exclusively told Soap Dirt this about the video: “I’m a reality TV junkie. Larissa and Colt were my favorite couple on TLC’s 90 Day Fiancé, and I wanted to recreate their iconic Las Vegas airport scene. I was so thrilled when Colt, Debbie, and Cookie Dough agreed to be in the video. We had a great time shooting this and spending the day with them. I’ve made so many music videos over the years, and this was definitely my favorite one to shoot.”

90 Day Fiance: Colt Johnson Makes Music Video Debut

The new music video by indie artist Alex Winston certainly pays homage to TLC’s 90 Day Fiance. It’s shot in the same style and uses the same graphics on-screen. It features an up-beat Colt Johnson dancing around as he prepares to pick the singer/songwriter Alex Winston up from the airport. The real kicker comes when you realize Alex Winston is playing a quasi-Larissa Dos Santos Lima character.

It was clear during the 90 Day Fiance Tell All that there are still a lot of unresolved feelings and issues between the software engineer and his former Brazilian bride Larissa Dos Santos Lima. It’s often said that art imitates life. In this case, it seems like a cathartic experience for Colt Johnson. The music video recreates Colt’s first moments with his former wife Larissa and gives everyone a chance at a do-over.

90 Day Fiance: Does Colt Admit Mistakes in New Video?

Colt Johnson admitted during the 90 Day Fiance Tell All that there are things he wishes he could have done differently with Larissa. It seems this music video gives Colt a second chance to make things right. One of the biggest issues right out of the gate was the fact that Colt Johnson didn’t bring Larissa flowers when she arrived in Las Vegas. In the music video, Colt dances over to a vending machine, buys some blooms, and greets the Larissa stand-in Alex Winston with a big bouquet.

One of the other lingeri ng issues was the relationship between the Brazilian beauty and Debbie Johnson. Debbie gets in on the action too – along with Cookie Dough. Debbie and Larissa butted heads until the bitter end. It was clear at the 90 Day Fiance Tell All that there are still a lot of unresolved issues between them too. In the music video, Colt Johnson brings Alex Winston home to a warm welcome from Debbie Johnson and Cookie Dough. It seems Miss U 1000000 offers a second chance to more than just Colt.

The video also has songbird Alex showing what it would have looked like if Larissa had behaved better. First, she embraced visiting the Vegas sign with no complaints. Second, she was happy to see Cookie Dough and petted the fat feline with no criticism. Third, Alex eagerly embraced his mother, Debbie Johnson, warmly — and even played happily with the slot machine. It was like a 90 Day Fiance reset of what could have been.

Are Larissa and Colt Getting Back Together?

The music video offers a fun way to look at how it could have gone down between Colt and Larissa. But, some 90 Day Fiance watchers wonder if Larissa and Colt will ever get back together despite their issues. On the Tell All, Colt Johnson dropped the bombshell that he’s still in love with his ex-wife. Even with her new man, Eric Nichols right beside her, Larissa Dos Santos Lima said “never say never” to her getting back together with Colt some day.

Even if the future for the real-life former couple isn’t promising, this new music video from Alex Winston offers Colt Johnson, Mama Debbie Johnson, and 90 Day Fiance watchers a glimpse at what could have been. It’s worth a listen to see Colt thoroughly enjoy himself and shaking his stuff. Check out the video above and give Alex Winston a like and a follow – she’s an incredible artist.

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