’90 Day Fiance’: Angela Deem Packs Adult Toys and an Attitude – Recap

On 90 Day Fiance, Angela Deem‘s got the tools to keep her man happy but won’t be submissive to anyone. Asuelu Pulaa tried to soothe family strife with canned corned beef, but it wasn’t enough. Larissa Dos Santos Lima got good news from her attorney and kissed up to Eric Nichols. Andrei Castravet made a weak apology to Chuck and Charlie Potthast. And Debbie Johnson did some backseat bickering with Jess Caroline on the way to the airport. Let’s take a closer look in this recap of season 5 episode 10 Drawing The Line.

90 Day Fiance: Angela Deem’s Not Backing Down For Anyone

Angela Deem is enjoying her morning Marlboro in the car with soon to be hubby Michael Ilesanmi. They play around as he tries to grab her cigarette. The pair were headed to mandatory pre-wedding counseling. Angela Deem was not really down for this nonsense.

Michael was already sweating because he knows his bride-to-be has no filter. He asked that she not bring up sex stuff. Angela wants to know if the handcuffs and peter heater she’s packing in her bra are off-limits.

On 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After the couple sit in front of a man and woman who ask questions about their relationship. Like how they met and of all the middle-aged heavily filtered selfie-taking white women on Facebook, why her?

He says that he just kept coming back to her. Especially after Baby Girl, Lisa offered up her gangrene toe dipped in gold in exchange for info on Sojaboy, and Darcey Silva said he was too old and not rude enough.

The female marriage czar has done her homework and questions Angie about her previous marriage and divorce. She admitted she was only seventeen, and it was over in three years. But she hoped it would be different with Michael. The couple got pre-approved for Nigerian nuptials level 3.

Which means no sister wives and no side chicks. But Angie’s got to agree to total submission and have his food and bed ready. She reminded her that in Nigeria, the man will always be on top. And not just in the bedroom.

Angela Calls Off The Wedding Again on Happily Ever After

Later Mike and Angie sat down with Auntie Lydia for some good ole wedding talk. Auntie obviously is a smart lady as she was already drinking a fruity cocktail before dealing with Totes Magotes. Things went well at first before Angela realized Michael had been telling everyone what they want to hear. He told his aunt that Angie will be submissive and tells Angela it will be 50-50.

Auntie pointed out that she needs to respect Michael as a Nigerian man and obey the culture.

Angela pointed out that she takes no crap from anyone and they needed to respect her culture on 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After. She excuses herself for a bathroom/smoke break and Michael asked her to sit down. While raising her voice, she yelled at him to not raise his voice in front of his aunt, who is sitting right there.

Michael assured his aunt that he will talk sense into his angry elder and that he does really love her.

But things didn’t end well when auntie admitted that she doesn’t think this marriage is gonna work with Angie’s attitude. Angela stormed out to grab an Uber back to the apartment. Aunt Lydia cautioned Mike as to why he is letting this woman run his life.

He obviously couldn’t tell her about how fun it is to motorboat her and that she had sex toys tucked in her cleavage as well as snacks and loose change for the taking. So, for now, the big fat Nigerian wedding is in jeopardy.

90 Day Fiance: Asuelu Pulaa Learns That Money Can Buy Love

Something stinks in Portland, Oregon, and it’s not goat farms or canned corn beef. Nope, the stench is of selfish entitlement, and the family Asuelu Pulaa reeks of it. He went to make amends with his mom and sisters after they ruined his food truck feast by acting like brats when he couldn’t cough up a cool grand on the spot.

His mom was excited to receive potted meat and a sarong. But top rank bottom feeder sister Tammy ruined everything. She blamed Kalani Faagata for his lack of cash.

On 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever Tammy knocked Kalani for controlling Asuelu Pulaa. And suggested he might not be with her if it wasn’t for her pregnancies. Asuelu explained that his money is Kalani’s money and vice versa.

His mom still didn’t seem to comprehend that this man has two small children and a minimum wage job. And just like that, Asuelu finally stood up for himself and his family and walked out. His mom offered to share some potted meat, but he left with dignity intact.

Asuelu was pretty defeated but he still wanted to talk with his mom again and make peace. He, Kalani and the kids headed to a goat farm that borders a homeless encampment. Oliver was having a great time until Mother Asuelu asked if she can eat a goat and was told no before she starts gnawing on an antler.

Asuelu Pulaa cried and points out that they will end up in the tent city if he had to send money and the kids will die. Mommy Asuelu wasn’t phased and just repeated, “give me some money” as the goats go hide.

Larissa Loves Eric More Than The Sun But Less Than Plastic Surgery

On 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After, Larissa Dos Santos Lima was back in the house of Eric Nichols after a huge fight. She got in touch with some other women he went out with after they broke up. And they told her that he said she sucked in bed. But not in the good way.

Larissa sauntered into the kitchen where Eric diced tomato and apologizes. She said he should be glad that she hadn’t “s*cked a lot of wee-wee.” But he could have just discussed it with her instead of sharing it with all of the greater Las Vegas metro area.

Eric Nichols was sorry too. And he read well from the teleprompter saying that he liked her and wanted her to stay since he sees a future with her. He admits there aren’t many women like Larissa just walking around. That she’s a rare breed. Larissa Dos Santos Lima told him she loves him “more than the sun.”

But suggested he tell his roommate to hold off on threatening her with police. She gives him a hug, and Eric looked as uncomfortable as one of Angela Deem’s overworked bra straps.

Later the 90 Day Fiance star got a call from everybody’s favorite handsome lawyer Adam Vander Heyden. He had news on her court case and instead of delivering it over the phone, he would see Larissa in person.

It’s another chance for human product placement as his cheesy law tagline is “The DUI Doctor” and we see the sign in the office. He explained that her charge was downgraded, and the case was closed. So the queen can head home in her pleather pants and relax. For now.

90 Day Fiance: Andrei Castravet Forces Out an Apology

Andrei Castravet and wife Elizabeth Potthast wandered Moldova in matching puffy jackets the morning after an alcohol-fueled almost brawl. He took offense to the constant questions about his past and lost his temper with Libby’s brother Charlie Potthast.

Psst. Hey Charlie, might want to rethink the Something About Mary hair gel look if you want to be taken seriously. Libby said he needed to make it right ASAP. Or big Chuck Potthast might pull the funds for wedding number two.

But Andrei sent Libby in first to lay the groundwork for his “apology.” Libby arrived at the Potthast Airbnb and it was pretty damn nice. Shady landlord Chuck goes low by suggesting that Andrei’s house was in the projects of Moldova. And that he thought he was in South Beach or LA when he saw this place.

He immediately went off on Libby about her hubby’s behavior. But the girl couldn’t get a word through as he talked over everything she says on 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After.

The next day Chuck rolled through Moldova still bloated from his vodka pork binge wearing a USA hat and making snide remarks. Charlie still didn’t fully understand the concept that a whole other world existed long before he was sipping Orange Julius in Tampa strip malls.

Andrei showed up eager to “bump knuckles,” but Chuck just wants to call him dude and blame him for everything including the cold war. In the end, Andrei gets them to stay with the promise of more vodka and cold cuts.

Karine Martins Goes On Lockdown as Paul Scrambles For Answers

There’s just always something a little off when Paul Staehle is in the picture on 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After. Whether he’s swatting flies near his sleeping baby or running like he’s got diarrhea, Paul is uncomfortable things personified.

He’s part Poltergeist and part generic Pop-Tarts. Just a big no. So it’s cringey when Karine Martins was locked in the bathroom and he was picking at the lock with the nail clippers he recovered last episode.

He explained that Karine was having mood swings. And locked herself in the bathroom for 4 to 6 hours at a time. Even the threat of Edna Staehle coming over doesn’t jolt Karine out of the sh*tter. She finally made a break for the outside when Edna arrived and without missing a beat on whatever or whoever she’s doing on her phone lets Edna know it’s not her—it’s Paul. And makes a run for it while Edna tried to push rice and beans.

Both hubby and MIL went after her but she wanted nothing to do with them. Poor innocent baby Pierre slept through all this 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After nonsense while his dad swatted flies near his head, and his mother played Candy Crush on a park bench. It’s infuriating and sad. Paul blamed everything on Karine, and Edna told him to get his act together. But we all know that sadly things imploded after all, and poor Pierre has to deal with the fallout.

Mother-Wife Debbie Johnson’s Worst Nightmare On 90 Day Fiance

Debbie went to bed happy in Brazil. She was satisfied that her little slip about Vanessa feeding the cats back in Vegas had put an end to this nerdy redheaded foolishness once and for all. She imagined a nice long flight home next to Coltee. And even smiled as she thought of them sharing an airplane biscotti and knocking back a few airplane bottles while cuddling under a blanket. The bliss was short-lived when she saw the ginger interloper in the lobby with Colt.

What she didn’t know is that Jess Caroline had returned to the hotel in the middle of the night on 90 Day Fiance. Colt heard screaming and a man’s voice and realized it was Jess and hotel security. He let her in and moved to another room. But now he’s ready to talk. And Jess apologized and said she was angry at him for lying. And didn’t sleep with her ex as she threatened to.

They kissed and makeup, and she agreed to see them off at the airport.

Deb can’t keep silent from the back seat and started accusing Jess Caroline of hurting Colt in her marble gargling voice. Jess says he lied and Deb tried to spin it that he just opted not to tell her. At the airport, Jess and Colt step away, and he was wearing some very unfortunate khaki shorts and a red shirt.

He looks like a lumpy Jake from State Farm with cankles. Deb cringed and mouthed “don’t propose, don’t propose” before nipping the PDA in the bud and dragging Colt on to the plane.

90 Day Fiance: Syngin’s Got Some Doubts About His Marriage

Syngin Colchester was ready to party with his roommates. He got a night off from wife Tania Maduro, and he’s making the best of it on 90 Day Fiance.  He walked into the bar, and it was like pledge night at Phi Beta Bru.

There was fist-pumping, yelling, Jager bombs, and low key hazing about his growing belly. He admitted to packing on some pounds. It was all those lonely nights in the she-shed when Domino’s delivered a 2-for-1 pizza deal complete with a lava brownie.

The guys remember the night he brought Tania home from the bar, and she never left. For two months. There didn’t seem to be much love for the Connecticut witch-doctor. Syngin admits he felt like an emoji in a lust bubble and maybe needed more time to actually marry her.

When they asked if he was happy, he said he could be happier. But he was sure having fun right now. Till next time! Watch 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After Sundays at 8 on TLC.

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