5 Things About ‘General Hospital’ Wes Ramsey And Laura Wright’s Real-Life Romance

General Hospital’s Laura Wright and hunky Wes Ramsey don’t have much screen time together as Carly Corinthos and troubled Peter August on GH. But, they are inseparable and in love in real life. The story of how they met and came to be a couple is truly amazing. So, here’s a look at five things you may not know about the happy couple’s life outside of the ABC sudser.

#1- General Hospital Actors Laura Wright & Wes Ramsey’s History

GH’s Laura Wright and Wes Ramsey’s story is a bit like a fairytale. They met 15 years ago when they were co-stars on Guiding Light. Wes was smitten with Laura Wright. But she was married and pregnant when they met. So, they were strictly friends and had a blast running lines even though they didn’t have scenes together. However, Wes Ramsey said he’d catch himself staring at her and had to stop himself. Eventually, they both left Guiding Light to pursue other endeavors such as General Hospital.

But, fate brought them back together years later when they met again at the 2017 Daytime Emmys. Wes was shocked to hear Laura Wright was single and jumped at the chance to take her out. And Laura joked she knew he’d call because he hit on her hard. Wes Ramsey had feelings for her for so many years and wasn’t able to act on them. So, finding out she was single was a game-changer. And he didn’t waste a minute going for it. Ever since their first date, the General Hospital stars were inseparable.

#2 – Working In Daytime Gives Them Mutual Respect For Each Other

Wes and Laura’s careers on General Hospital give them an understanding that helps their relationship work. Laura Wright mentions that she thinks it’s difficult for actors that work in daytime to manage relationships. Mostly, because the work they do is so powerful. They must go into a different headspace to tell the stories they do and at the fast pace required. It takes a toll on them to mentally prepare for scenes on General Hospital.

And, at the end of the day, they are wiped. So, they both understand where the other’s coming from and the tough workload. It can be difficult for people who haven’t been there to get it. But, they are able to give each other the kind of support they need to make it through the day. Plus, Wes Ramsey says he’s in absolute awe of Laura Wright right while she works on General Hospital. They have a huge level of respect for each other and it certainly shows.

#3 – GH Pair Laura & Wes Ramsey Unsure About Children

Since Carly Corinthos got pregnant on General Hospital, fans wondered if Laura Wright herself was pregnant. She repeatedly squashed the rumors that they are expecting a baby. No doubt, Laura’s very active on Instagram. So, she posted that the rumors are false. While she adores Wes and they are very happy together, they are not pregnant, says the GH megastar.

Remember, Laura Wright has two older children from her previous marriage. And, while she doesn’t look it, Laura turned 49 years old recently. Of course, many women have babies later in life. But, Laura has made it clear she’s not looking to have a baby anytime soon. She and Wes Ramsey are just enjoying life together. And, judging by their Instagram accounts, the General Hospital co-stars live an exciting life together.

#4 – General Hospital Actor Laura Wright’s Favorite Things About Wes

General Hospital actress Laura Wright loves many little things about her relationship with Wes Ramsey. Recently, she shared photos on Instagram of them over the last two years in honor of their two year anniversary. Attached were several hashtags to indicate all the things she loves about her man. Some of the lovely things she noted were his friendship, honesty, and laughter.

Additionally, General Hospital actor Wes Ramsey purportedly gives killer foot rubs, reads to her, and falls asleep holding her hand. Of course, all this is swoon-worthy and shows how good Wes Ramsey is to her. And, she appreciates him. The first picture she shared was from their very first date which she refers to as “The best first date ever”. No doubt, they are going strong while still working together on General Hospital.

#5 – Laura Wright Didn’t Get Wes Ramsey His General Hospital Role

Something GH’s Laura Wright likes to make clear is that Wes Ramsey got the part of Peter August on General Hospital 100% on his own. She didn’t pull strings or ask for favors in any way. Also, she clarifies that he went up against several other actors and did three separate auditions. Laura Wright truly believes he is incredibly talented and brings so much to the role of Peter.

He got the General Hospital job on his own merits. And she wants to be sure that is out there. Also, she loves that they get to run lines and carpool. There’s no question Wes Ramsey and partner Laura Wright love each other dearly and are head over heels. And who knows, maybe we’ll get to see more of Carly Corinthos and sneaky Peter August together on our screens someday. Don’t miss a moment of GH to see Wes Ramsey and Laura Wright in action on the ABC daytime drama.

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