‘General Hospital’ Exclusive Kathleen Gati Interview – Tormenting Wes Ramsey and Other Set Secrets

General Hospital spoilers reveal Dr. Obrecht (Kathleen Gati) won’t be able to keep Peter August aka Henrik Faison (Wes Ramsey) captive much longer. For now, it’s fun to watch Dr. O torment Faison’s other son. Soap Dirt landed an exclusive interview with the fabulous Kathleen Gati and she shared some insights on filming those gritty torture scenes and other tidbits on Obrecht and her enemies.

Kathleen Gati on Wes Ramsey torture scenes

SD: Is it fun to torment Wes Ramsey – were you constantly laughing? behind the scenes? Did you really torment him like tickling his feet while he was tied up and helpless?

Ms. Gati: It has been wonderful fun tormenting Wes Ramsey AND Heinrik/Peter!! However, no “additional” tormenting was done, like feet tickling (how cruel would that be!?), but believe me, some of these scenes were toooo funny acting them out!

I can honestly say we all had fun shooting these scenes, but Wes was such a good sport!  He had to be tied up for multiple scenes, recite his dialogue with full emotional value, and put up with all sorts of shenanigans from Dr. O! He played all those scenes so well, that I truly felt bad for him…and a bit guilty! 😉

Can General Hospital’s Dr. Obrecht get over Nathan’s death?

SD –  Do you think Obrecht can ever get past Nathan’s death?

Ms. Gati – NEVER!!!

SD – Did finding out that Anna had a kid with Faison (Dr. O’s one true love) drive her over the edge? Since Anna’s son is alive and Liesl lost hers, has she snapped?

Ms. Gati – I definitely think it poured a very large portion of gasoline onto the mountain of pain she already had losing her beloved son, Nathan.

I redemption possible for Peter August or Dr. Obrecht on GH?

 SD – Can Peter ever be redeemed? Can Obrecht?

Ms. Gati – Peter, probably yes like any decent soap opera character…and Obrecht? Hmmmmm….only if she can sing to her grandson! Maybe then!! But honestly from the feedback from fans, they would rather see Obrecht be nasty than kind! It’s always an actor’s dream to play a range of emotions and characters and comedy and drama…all of it.

And as Obrecht, I get to do it all, which I LOVE!!

Could Anna and Dr. O ever be bowling buddies? What would you name their team?

Ms. Gati – NO and NO!!!!

We hoped you enjoyed this exclusive Soap Dirt interview with the talented Kathleen Gati. Be sure to watch her on GH as the drama with Henrik comes to a head. You can see the marvelous Ms. Gati in the upcoming films Men of Mercy, Crossing, The Force, and the American Dream.

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