Is Carly on General Hospital Really Pregnant – Laura Wright Responds to Pregnancy Chatter

Fans want to know if the show wrote in a baby because Carly on General Hospital is really pregnant. At a glance, the last thing the Corinthos couple seems to need is another baby in the mix. Especially since Carly Corinthos isn’t getting any younger. So, fans are dying to know if Laura Wright is pregnant in real life and that’s why GH made her character pregnant. In fact, the actress addressed that issue herself recently and here’s a look at what she said.

General Hospital Carly Corinthos Pregnant

When GH spoilers first revealed pregnancy symptoms, the assumption was that they were symptoms of something else. Even Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) wondered if she wasn’t confused since Carly Corinthos really should be heading into menopause and not the maternity ward. But nope, it’s a baby.

However, General Hospital opened up a life or death story for Carly with this pregnancy. She’s going through genetic testing to find out if the baby is healthy. The tests are back soon and Jason Morgan (Steve Burton) will take Carly to find out the news. Hopefully, Sonny will also be along to find out if the baby is healthy.

Laura Wright on GH – What’s Her Relationship Status?

If you don’t already know it, Laura Wright is dating General Hospital cast mate Wes Ramsey (AKA Peter August). Laura and Wes worked together years ago on Guiding Light back in the day. Although he’s got a baby face, Wes is 41 compared to her 48 years. And the two seem to be madly in love after sparking a romance after her 2016 divorce from longtime spouse David Wright. They reconnected at an Emmy party and have been together ever since but there’s no engagement news yet.

But are Laura Wright and Wes Ramsey having a baby? Well… First of all, it’s important to note that the GH actress has two grown kids, although Wes has none. Her daughter Lauren Wright is 20 and son John Wright is 18. Given the evidence of her children being out of the house and grown and that “most” women don’t plan pregnancies heading into their late 40s, the odds of Laura Wright being pregnant seem slim even though Carly Corinthos is pregnant.

General Hospital: Carly Corinthos (Laura Wright) - Peter August (Wes Ramsey)

Is Laura Wright on General Hospital Pregnant?

Ever since spoilers revealed Carly Corinthos’ pregnancy, the rumor mill has been in overdrive that GH had written in Laura Wright’s real-life pregnancy. It seems the Laura got tired of the chatter and decided to address it head on. You can see in the Instagram post above from late-March 2019 she said in all caps “WE ARE NOT PREGNANT”. Wes was in the pic too so that it seemed a message from both soap actors to fans.

But that didn’t stop General Hospital fans. Over a month later, on one of her Insta pics with Wes, a fan asked “are you preggo in real life”. Laura Wright quipped back “18-24 months”. Plus, if you check out Laura at the Emmys this weekend, she was in a snug-fitting dress that left no room for a baby bump. So, that is obviously a pregnancy pad she’s wearing on the ABC soap. As of now, it seems quite clear the no, Laura Wright AKA Carly is not really pregnant.

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