‘General Hospital’: Is Laura Wright Pregnant Like Carly on ‘GH’?

Everyone keeps asking is Laura Wright pregnant? General Hospital spoilers indicate Carly Corinthos‘ pregnancy progressing towards a stressful climax with the spina bifida birth of her baby with Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard). But people keep asking if Laura Wright’s pregnant in real life. The actress addressed this once – but now seems to just shrug off the question. Here’s the truth and proof about baby chatter for the Carly Corinthos actress on GH.

Is General Hospital’s Laura Wright Pregnant?

GH spoilers remind that the Carly Corinthos portrayer repeatedly denied being pregnant. However, sometimes actresses deny even when they are preggo, just to avoid the attention. But in this case, it seems that Laura Wright’s not being shy – she’s legit NOT pregnant. First, Laura turned 49 this week, so most of her childbearing years are in the past – although some women do have babies later.

Second, Laura has a daughter, Lauren Wright (age 20) and a son, John Michael Wright (age 18). She’s focused on her kids, seeing them through college and other life experiences. Third, and very important, Laura regularly posts photos of herself drinking – something the General Hospital actress would not do if she was pregnant. So, yes, Carly Corinthos is pregnant – but Laura Wright is not.

GH Carly Corinthos Actress Laura Wright Is Not Pregnant

General Hospital spoilers show us creeping closer to the day when Carly Corinthos gives birth to her child. Unfortunately, there are complications ahead in this sad story. But in real life, Laura Wright’s in the middle of a happy story. She’s doing great with love Wes Ramsey, AKA Peter August on GH. But they are not making babies. They are, however, traveling and enjoying a great life together.

In her recent Instagram post, you can see Wes Ramsey brought champagne and balloons for her birthday. The champagne is another answer to the question of “is Laura Wright pregnant?”. Right now, the Carly Corinthos actress is sharing photos from her vacation with her boyfriend Wes and you can see below that her abs are firm and there’s 100% no baby bump happening there. The actress is not pregnant – only her character on General Hospital – not IRL.

Is Laura Wright From General Hospital Pregnant?

Although people keep asking only if the GH actress is pregnant, she’s not. She’s rocking a baby bump pad as Carly Corinthos, but off-screen, she’s in great shape, not pregnant, has a flat tummy, and just turned 49. Look to see Carly giving birth over the next couple of months with a lot of drama surrounding the birth due to complications.

But as for General Hospital‘s Laura Wright, she’s happy with the boyfriend and two grown children. There’s no baby plans for Laura Wright and Wes Ramsey that she’s shared – and definitely no baby on the way. The good news is Laura Wright’s got her cast off although we’re still seeing it on episodes of GH. So, be sure to congratulate her on healing her broken foot.

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