Is Peter August Leaving ‘General Hospital’ – Wes Ramsey Done at GH?

Given current events, fans are asking if Peter August is leaving General Hospital. Many wonder if Wes Ramsey‘s exiting GH now that his lies are about to come out. No doubt, Peter is getting in deeper by the minute as he scrambles to keep his dirty deeds hidden from Maxie Jones (Kirsten Storms). Now, Jason Morgan (Steve Burton) knows he’s part of Shiloh Archer’s (Coby Ryan McLaughlin) escape.

Plus, Peter’s framing Sam McCall (Kelly Monaco). Of course, Stone Cold and Damian Spinelli (Bradford Anderson) plan to expose him and exonerate Sam. So, GH spoilers wonder if Peter August’s time is up and if Wes Ramsey is done on the ABC drama. Here’s what you need to know.

Is Peter August Leaving General Hospital? Spoilers Say His Deeds Are Exposed Soon

GH spoilers recall Shiloh Archer knew about Peter August’s connection to Helena Cassadine (Constance Towers). Remember, Peter is the mysterious man who worked with Helena to abduct Drew Cain (Billy Miller) in Afghanistan. Of course, Shiloh used this to his advantage to blackmail Peter into getting him out of prison. So, he went along to keep the truth from his love Maxie Jones. However, Peter planned to kill Shiloh after he escaped.

So, he got henchmen Bryce Henderson (Brian Gross) to bust him out of prison and kill him. Of course, Shiloh caught on and wound up on the loose terrorizing the town. Then, he demanded a cash from Peter to get out of dodge. Certainly, that was the beginning of the end for Peter’s lies. Now, Jason’s starting to piece things together. That has fans wondering if Peter August leaves General Hospital. Spoilers reveal trouble ahead.

Is Wes Ramsey Leaving GH? Spoilers Show Peter Frames Sam

General Hospital spoilers confirm Peter August frames Sam for his sketchy deal with Shiloh. Remember, hit man Bryce was about to throw Peter under the bus, causing him to think fast. So, being that Sam was the one to kill Shiloh and is already on the cop’s radar, she is the perfect fall-guy. Now, Bryce claims to be a DoD devotee and names Sam as the mastermind behind Shiloh’s escape.

So, just when Sam thinks she’s finally in the clear, she may actually go down for Shiloh’s prison break and murder. However, she and Stone Cold know of his connection to Shiloh. Surely, Jason is on a mission to expose Peter and clear Sam’s name. No doubt, Peter August needs to watch his back. Remember, Jason vows to make him pay if he’s the one framing Sam. These events might lead to Wes Ramsey leaving General Hospital, spoilers hint.

Will Maxie Jones Lose Peter on General Hospital?

GH spoilers know Jason Morgan won’t rest until Sam’s free and Peter goes down. Now, he’s certain Faison’s son is behind this Shiloh situation. Now, the mob enforcer and The Jackal just have to prove it. If they get the evidence, it could ruin his new life in Port Chuck. It could also mean Peter August’s leaving General Hospital.

Spoilers reveal Sam’s arrested next week by the Feds. Then, Jason races to reveal the truth. GH spoilers confirm he suspects Maxie’s honey is to blame for other events, too. Including Andre Maddox’s (Anthony Montgomery) attack and Drew Cain’s plane crash. So, he gets a photo of Bryce and pays Andre a visit. He confirms that’s the guy. So this could mean Wes Ramsey exits General Hospital.

Spoilers say his sins are exposed soon. When that happens, will Maxie kick him to the curb. It’s hard to forgive all the attempted murders he’s ordered recently… So, this begs the question, will Wes Ramsey be leaving the soap now that Peter ‘s about to lose everything? Keep tuning in to ABC weekdays to see if Peter August’s time on GH will come to an end now that Jason’s hot on his trail.

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