‘1000-lb Sisters’: Chris Combs Expands His Family

1000-lb Sisters star Chris Combs is sharing exciting news about expanding his family. Now that his family’s growing by one more, he’s talking to his fans about what to expect.

1000-lb Sisters: Chris Combs Fights Hard

1000-lb Sisters star Chris Combs works hard to get approved for weight loss surgery. However, his journey to a healthier life hasn’t been easy, especially because he’s fighting so much with Tammy Slaton on it. After Tammy Slaton was denied weight loss surgery because of her weight gain, Chris Combs vowed to help her get approved. So, he told her that they’re going to work together so they can both receive approval.

This comes after 1000-lb Sisters star Tammy Slaton worked with her sister Amy Slaton to get approved for gastric bypass. However, Tammy didn’t put out enough effort to slim down enough to receive her green light. Instead, she helps to care for Amy Slaton after she goes through her operation.

But, Chris Combs from 1000-lb Sisters is dedicated to getting his operation done. He even tells his sisters he doesn’t care about how many pounds the doctors want him to drop. He says the number on the scale is just a number and he’s willing to put in the work. Then, he also tells Tammy Slaton he’s going to be tough on her to make sure she gets healthy too.

1000-lb Sisters: Chris Combs

Father & Newly Wed Slims Down

On 1000-lb Sisters, Chris Combs says he wants to get slimmer for a few reasons. Mainly, he’s looking to inspire his daughter, who also has a problem with her size, to get healthy. He hopes his journey acts as an inspiration to her. But, he also wants to be less of a burden on his wife. That’s because he talks about there being days where he’s unable to put his socks on by himself. So, his wife helps him put them on. He says this is embarrassing for him, so he’s ready to make a change.

Plus, Chris from 1000-lb Sisters says he wants to keep up with his wife. That’s because she’s a lot younger than he is and he doesn’t want to slow her down.

1000-lb Sisters: Chris Combs

1000-lb Sisters: An Expanding Family for Chris Combs

On 1000-lb Sisters, Chris talks a lot about how he’s proud of his daughter, Emily Combs. However, recent news Chris has shared shows he’s expanding his family. He tells his fans to “come to be part” of the family. Then, he shows off a post that his workplace shared.

Currently, Chris from 1000-lb Sisters works at McDonald’s. In the post he shares, Ruby Drive McDonald’s is offering a flexible schedule and competitive wages. Also, Chris provides a phone number for people to contact.

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