‘1000-lb Sisters’: Chris Combs Denied Weight Loss Surgery?

1000-lb Sisters star Chris Combs is denied weight loss surgery after his most recent weigh-in leaves him and his doctor unhappy with his progress. While he did test positive for COVID-19 recently, he isn’t being cut slack for his lack of progress.

1000-lb Sisters: Chris Combs Talks About Motivation

On 1000-lb Sisters, Chris Combs is open about his several reasons for wanting to lose weight. Not only does he hope to inspire his daughter, who he says has a problem with her size. But, he also wants to keep up with his wife that he recently married. He says his wife is a lot younger and smaller than he is. Then, he admits that there are some days where he’s unable to bend down to put his socks on. So, he has to ask his wife to help him with that and he finds it very embarrassing.

But, 1000-lb Sisters star Chris Combs says his biggest reason for desiring to slim down is to get approved for the operation. He wants to get the surgery to get back to a healthier life. Plus, he wants to be around for a long time to grow old with his wife.

1000-lb Sisters: Chris Combs

Overweight Man Diagnosed With COVID-19

On 1000-lb Sisters, Chris Combs isn’t slowing down when it comes to his weight loss goals. However, he’s forced to make a change in his health habits after testing positive for COVID-19. This comes after his half-sister, Tammy Slaton, also tests positive for the virus. While she’s battling for his life, he talks about being in quarantine.

Previously, Chris from 1000-lb Sisters says he’s used to eating extra-large portions. But, while he’s working on losing weight, he’s eating smaller portions and healthier foods. Yet, he does notice that he’s angry when it comes to eating these smaller portions of food.

After Chris Combs on 1000-lb Sisters tests positive for the virus, he spends time in quarantine. He explains that he couldn’t smell or taste anything. But, he does admit to not making the healthiest of choices while he spent time healing himself.

1000-lb Sisters: Chris Combs

1000-lb Sisters: Chris Combs Denied & Approved for Surgery

On 1000-lb Sisters, Chris gets together with Tammy Slaton for a doctor’s appointment. At this meeting, he needs to drop 15-lb. While chatting with this doc, he admits that he struggles with losing because of getting sick. Plus, he reveals that he didn’t make healthy choices while he was sitting at home.

After stepping on the scale, Chris from 1000-lb Sisters reveals he’s only down eight pounds in over a month. This news makes Chris upset and his doctor concerned. However, his medical professional is understanding about his condition. So, he gives him even more time to lose a few pounds.

Then, Chris puts his nose to the grindstone in hopes of getting a “yes” to the gastric bypass. In a few weeks, he’s able to drop 18 pounds and get to his smallest size yet. But, the doctor finally agrees that Chris can get the operation he works so hard to receive.

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