‘1000-lb Sisters’: The 1000 Pound Smokers

1000-lb Sisters producers have kept some things under wraps. When Chris Combs mentions that he smokes cigarettes, curiosity about the two sisters spike.

1000-lb Sisters: Tammy Slaton – TV’s Bad Girl

1000-lb Sisters personality Tammy Slaton has been called out before for references made towards smoking. She jokes around a lot about smoking an illegal substance but has never confirmed that she has done this. Many fans believe that she has. Tammy is the sister that tends to be more open to things like that. Her sister Amy Slaton doesn’t talk too much about it.

But being famous, they don’t want to promote these types of things to people. TLC makes sure that if they do these things, they keep it way under wraps, especially because the girls are already criticized for their weight. No matter what, there is always a fan who is ready to say that they should put their fork down. But the Slaton’s have a lot of things coming to light.

1000-lb Sisters: Amy Slaton

TLC Stars and What’s In Their Closet

1000-lb Sisters, siblings Tammy Slaton and Amy Slaton, have been accused of many things. From animal abuse to child abuse. Amy, who just recently had her son Gage Halterman is under a lot of fire recently for the way she mother’s her son. Although not every fan is against her. Amy and Tammy do have their supporters, of course.

But most of what their fans say has to do with the way they treat their bodies. The 1000 Pound Sisters, Tammy and Amy, clearly have an eating problem, and the fans have their thoughts on it. Their brother Chris Combs, who joined them in efforts to lose weight, is also getting the brunt of it from fans. But one thing TLC doesn’t show is a far faster killer than overeating. Smoking.

1000-lb Sisters: Amy Slaton

1000-lb Sisters: The Slaton’s Eat Together, And They Smoke Together

Chris Combs from 1000-lb Sisters is the only sibling that smokes cigarettes openly. Chris says that doctors say that he has to stop smoking for him to qualify for the weight loss surgery. But that is pretty much where it ends. But Chris isn’t the only one on the smoking train.

There is no evidence of tobacco smoking from Tammy Slaton, but Amy Slaton is a different story. There is no proof that she no longer smokes cigarettes. On her social media, she tried to record herself switching over to e-cigarettes, but it never took. There are many videos of her online where she is smoking on camera. Not to mention she is smoking indoors. Let’s hope that if she hasn’t kicked that nasty habit by now, her son Gage Halterman will be the reason for her to stop.

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