‘1000-lb Sisters’: Chris Combs Threatens to Hurt Tammy Slaton

1000-lb Sisters star Chris Combs threatens to cut off Tammy Slaton‘s food supply if she continues to give him attitude. He makes this threat after realizing that he needs to admit to his half-sister that he’s gotten approved for weight loss surgery, but she still hasn’t.

1000-lb Sisters: Chris Combs Shuts Down Tammy Slaton

On 1000-lb Sisters, Chris Combs doesn’t put up with the unhealthy habits of Tammy Slaton. After the family learns that Amy Slaton’s pregnant, he offers to step up to replace Amy. But, he makes the offer to Tammy Slaton to be her healthy journey buddy, so they can work on slimming down together. However, he tells Tammy Slaton that he’s going to push her when and where she needs to be pushed.

While Chris from 1000-lb Sisters focuses on eating healthier meals, smaller portions, and working out, Tammy Slaton is dragging her feet. After spending time working on a new lifestyle together, they head to a doctor for their first weigh-in together. That’s where Chris learns that Tammy manages to stack on 50 pounds in 30 days. But, he still dedicates himself to helping Tammy.

However, Chris Combs from 1000-lb Sisters reaches his breaking point when he sends his daughter Emily to go check on Tammy. Emily discovers that Tammy’s drinking a 32-ounce milkshake while spending time with her boyfriend Jerry. This causes Chris to flip out and start yelling at his sister.

1000-lb Sisters: Tammy Slaton

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On 1000 Pound Sisters, Chris Combs sits down with Amy Slaton to talk about their sister, Tammy Slaton. As they’re sitting down and chatting with one another, they’re both talking about the eating habits of Tammy. This is when Amy reveals that she ordered a meal delivery service for her sister, so she could start eating meals. But, Amy says Tammy manages to eat 32 meals in less than two days. Also, she claims the meals are so small, they’re like snacks.

After the 1000-lb Sisters family realizes that they’re likely going to have to bury their sister, Chris and Amy talk about putting her into an assisted living facility.

1000-lb Sisters: Chris Combs

1000-lb Sisters: Chris Combs Threatens to Cut Off Tammy Slaton

Chris Combs is tired of dealing with Tammy’s childish attitude on 1000-lb Sisters. He plans a dinner for the family together. This is in hopes of being able to sit down and talk to his sister. Also, Chris says he’s nervous because he isn’t sure how to talk to his sister. He wants to tell her about how he’s approved for gastric bypass surgery. However, he says if she starts yelling at him, he’s going to take back the food that he made. That way, she isn’t able to eat. And since food is Tammy’s favorite thing, that would hurt her deeply.

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