‘1000-lb Sisters’: Tammy Slaton Blames Brother Chris For Her Bad Eating Habits

1000-lb Sisters stars Tammy Slaton and Chris Combs are two siblings in it to win it. They are on the weight loss journey of their lives together. But when there’s a roadblock, it looks like the sister blames her brother for going off-track.

1000-lb Sisters: Tammy Makes Progress

1000-lb Sisters personalities Tammy Slaton and Chris Combs have not always been the main siblings focused on. Before Chris stepped up to help Tammy in doing this task, her sister Amy Slaton was with her. Tammy weighed 600 pounds, and Amy weight 400. Both of the sisters started to drop weight. But she lost at a much slower pace than Amy did, and when it came time to find out who qualified for surgery, they were disappointed.

Amy had lost enough weight, but Tammy Slaton had not. The question was if Amy should get the surgery without Tammy or not. Amy picked getting the surgery pretty sure her sister was not too far behind her in getting to that step. Amy became pregnant four months after her weight loss surgery and had to stop focusing on her sister. But Chris Combs stepped up.

1000-lb Sisters: Tammy Slaton

Big Brother Steps Up to The Plate

1000-lb Sisters fan-favorite Chris Combs has decided he would be the one to help Tammy Slaton get in shape. He is 400 pounds himself and thinks that this would be motivating for them together. Chris takes care of his sis by setting up meal plans and exercise. He brings exercise equipment and a personal trainer to assist her. Chris even lays down the law for Tammy’s boyfriend Jerry about taking her weight loss seriously.

Now that Chris Combs is making progress on this weight journey and Tammy Slaton is not, Chris is set to surpass his sister like Amy did. Losing 15 pounds, Chris says, is easy, and if he is offered the gastric surgery and she is not, then he will take it. He hopes losing weight will motivate his daughter to try to get healthy herself. But where does that leave Tammy?

1000-lb Sisters: Chris Combs

1000-lb Sisters: Tammy is Left In the Dust By Chris

Chris Combs and Tammy Slaton from 1000-lb Sisters have been trying to lose a combined 600 pounds. Meanwhile, Chris says he is almost at his goal, and Tammy admits to putting on 100 pounds. She says quarantine is hard and all she has to do is eat. When she is interviewed, she says that it is Chris’ fault she put on so much weight. She says her brother did not check in on her as often as he promised.

Chris Combs works as a fast-food restaurant manager and says he has no time to check on Tammy Slaton every second of every day. So, Tammy says that’s exactly what she needs, though. Apparently, eating healthy is someone else’s responsibility. Now, fans want Tammy to take action and realize if she doesn’t shed weight soon, she might die.

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