‘Young and the Restless’: Peter Bergman’s Hot New Look – Jack Ready for Romance [Pics Inside]

Young and the Restless aims to shoot in mid-July, but will Jack Abbott (Peter Bergman) be in the mix? We hope so because he’s rocking a sexy new look in quarantine. For a while now, Jack’s been without a woman. But, if they bring him back looking like this, the ladies of Genoa City will swoon.

Young and the Restless Resumes Filming: When Will Peter Bergman Return?

Initially, Y&R hoped to be back to work Monday, right after the 4th of July holiday. However, some additional COVID concerns pushed this back a week. Now, we’ve heard the CBS soap’s looking at the week of July 13th. When they’re back, will Jack Abbott be in scenes?

Young and the Restless vet Peter Bergman is 67. Some safety concerns include cast and crew age 65 and over since they’re at higher risk for coronavirus. But, it’s not a rule set in stone. So, Y&R could bring back Jack so long as the actor’s not worried about underlying health concerns.

If so, it’s long overdue on Young and the Restless for Jack Abbott to have a love interest. The last time he had a scrap of romance, it was with corporate spy Kerry Johnson (Alice Hunter). That broke his heart, but Jack can’t forget about love, right?

Young and the Restless: Jack Abbott (Peter Bergman) - Kerry Johnson (Alice Hunter)

Y&R’s Jack Abbott Actor Shows off Sexy Quarantine Look

You can see the image below of a scruffy – but hot – style Peter Bergman rocked recently. He took part in a Young and the Restless Q&A. At a glance, the Jack Abbott portrayer put on some serious facial hair over the last few weeks. It’s is a brand new quarantine style he grew over the last couple of months.

In the pic below, left, Peter Bergman was pre-COVID in December 2019 doing some commentary for Young and the Restless on his 30th anniversary as Jack. Below right, Peter’s doing Q&A where co-stars quiz each other. Melissa Claire Egan (AKA Chelsea) asked about his best concert.

Jack Abbott’s alter-ego said his favorite was seeing James Taylor in New York’s Central Park. FYI, that concert was 1979, and at the time, the actor was 26. Now, Young and the Restless prepares to start filming again, and we hope they let Jack keep the beard Peter grew.

Young and the Restless: Jack Abbott (Peter Bergman)

Young and the Restless Star Channels Pierce Brosnan in Hot New Look?

On Y&R, viewers see Jack most of the time in a business suit, looking dapper and professional. However, Jack’s not CEO of Jabot anymore, so he can do casual. Imagine how sexy it would be for Jack to give up the suits, keep that beard, and wear some jeans and flannel?

Young and the Restless could give Jack Abbott a serious silver fox vibe if they let Peter Bergman keep that beard. What do you think? Some fans compared his look to that of ex-007, Irish actor Pierce Brosnan. We can totally see that. He’s always been a hunk, but this new look… Wow.

For now, we’re just hoping to see Peter back as Jack Abbott when new Young and the Restless episodes resume. They’ll aim to film mid-month. So, when will Y&R be back on the air with new episodes? Perhaps late August – but more likely, it’ll be September before the CBS sudser’s back.

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