‘Young and the Restless’: Victor vs Jack – 5 Dirtiest Deeds They’ve Done

Young and the Restless brings Rivals Week to fans and Victor Newman‘s (Eric Braeden) front and center with Jack Abbott (Peter Bergman). Over the decades, those two have done myriad dirty deeds to each other, but which are the worst? Take a look at their business and personal clashes on Y&R.

#1 Multiple Messy Marriages on Young and the Restless

On Y&R, Jack Abbott tangled with Nikki Newman (Melody Thomas Scott) many times. They romanced when she was on and off again with Victor Newman. In fact, Jack married her twice and would have done so again, given a chance.

Meanwhile, on Young and the Restless, spiteful Victor Newman married Jack’s sister Ashley Abbott (Eileen Davidson) twice while split from Nikki. That made him Jack’s brother-in-law a couple of times. What a messy exes and oh’s situation on Y&R as they used women to provoke each other.

#2 Victor Hired Ashley on Y&R to Aggravate Her Brother

In one of those dirty business deals that crossed into persona lines, Victor lured Ashley away from Jabot. Remember, he put her to work at Newman Enterprises on Young and the Restless. And, he flaunted it in Jack’s face. Ash knew this would hurt her brother, and that’s why she did it.

Ashley’s been a pawn in the Jack Abbott and Victor Newman feud more than once. First, as a bride, then as a business asset. Now, thankfully, it seems the spark between Ash and her brother’s foe burned away. And, she’s back at Jabot and won’t be in their feud on Young and the Restless.

#3 Set Up the Mustache for Murder on Young and the Restless

While Victor Newman likes to play dirty, Jack tries to be a good guy. But, he’s gotten down in the muck to hurt The Mustache in the past. Remember when he worked with Adam Newman (then Chris Engen)? They forged a diary to implicate Victor in his murder.

Eventually, The Mustache got out of jail and saw Adam punished for the forgery on Young and the Restless, but Jack Abbott got off scot-free. However, his obsession with ruining Victor Newman wrecked his marriage to Sharon Newman (Sharon Case) on Y&R.

#4 Newman Takeover Nearly Killed His Rival in the Process

In another dirty business deal, when Victor Newman took Newman Enterprises public, dirty deals were abounding. Adam made it look like Victor died to manipulate stock prices and other foul plots. Later, thanks to a lousy marriage, Victor lost the majority hold on Young and the Restless.

Then, Jack Abbott made his move, grabbed the company, and fired Victor and his kids. That huge shock floored Victor, who collapsed. A smug Jack left him there to die but, later, came back on Young and the Restless. However, considering what happened later, Jack Abbott regretted it.

#5 Victor Replaced His Rival With a Doppelganger on Young and the Restless

It must be the ickiest of all moves in the war between Victor and Jack. It was when Victor hired Marco Annicelli, a Jack Abbott lookalike. Then, the Newman patriarch had Jack kidnapped and stashed on an island with an obsessed lunatic. Meanwhile, drug dealer Marco took over his life.

Then, on Young and the Restless, Victor Newman helped Marco destroy Jack Abbott’s life. Remember, this is why Phyllis Summers (Michelle Stafford) hates the eldest Newman even now. Then, Marco went rogue, Jack escaped captivity – and Victor shot Jack thinking he was the evil twin.

Now, thankfully, age has mellow Victor Newman and also Jack Abbott. Plus, he’s been kind while Jack deals with his mother’s Alzheimer’s. But you never know when this messy rivalry could crop up again. Watch Y&R classic episodes next week to see more of this action.

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