‘Young and the Restless’: Why Phyllis Summers Will Never Forgive Victor Newman

Young and the Restless spoilers have Phyllis Summers (Michelle Stafford) itching for revenge and Victor Newman (Eric Braeden) remains at the top of her list. Newer viewers might not get why she hates The Mustache so much. In fact, Phyllis’ anger is justified and not likely to fade anytime soon. Here’s why this is a wound that may never heal on the CBS soap.

Young and the Restless: Phyllis Summers Caught Up in Victor Newman’s Revenge Game

If you’re a newer watcher to Y&R, you might not know why Phyllis Summers despises Victor Newman so much. The root of that grudge is Victor’s ongoing rivalry with Jack Abbott (Peter Bergman). Those two had been going at it for years and then Victor Newman upped the ante on Young and the Restless.

Then, Victor launched a diabolical plot to destroy Jack. And Phyllis Summers was collateral damage. It all started with a Peruvian drug lord named Marco Annicelli. Because Marco was a dead ringer for Jack, his enemy used him as part of his twisted plan revealed on Young and the Restless.

The same day Jack married Phyllis Summers, Victor Newman had Jack kidnapped. Then, Marco took his place. Not only did he snatch her new husband, but he put a stranger in her bed. However, it was months before Phyllis Summers found out on Young and the Restless.

Victor’s Anti-Jack Plot Spun Out of Control on Y&R – Phyllis Will Never Get Over It

Many Young and the Restless fans consider Victor Newman putting a drug lord in the bed with Phyllis Summers as a form of rape. Because, Phyllis didn’t know who she was sleeping with and wouldn’t consent, had she known. This sick storyline outraged many viewers.

Over time, she suspected more every day that “Jack” wasn’t quite himself. Fake Jack, AKA Marco, set up a merger between Jabot and Newman Enterprises. That’s because he did Victor Newman’s bidding – at least for a while. Then, Victor lost control on Young and the Restless.

Because his creation, Marco, turned on him and got increasingly violent. But, Victor Newman left this unstable criminal living a lie with Phyllis Summers. Even when Marco turned full blown psycho, Victor didn’t come clean. And he even thought the real Jack died on Young and the Restless.

Young and the Restless: Marco PTSD Ruined Phyllis & Jack’s Relationship

And if it wasn’t bad enough on Y&R that a monster lurked in Phyllis Summers’ life for more than six months, the after-effects were even worse. Once the truth came out, she struggled. She was traumatized knowing what Victor Newman did to her and that his hired thug slept with her.

Young and the Restless viewers saw her haunted for months. The problem was, even though Jack was back, her mind played tricks on her. When her husband touched her, she triggered, thinking it was really Marco Annicelli again. In the end, their marriage couldn’t stand the strain.

So, Victor Newman’s devious ploy cost Phyllis Summers her marriage and the man she loved. Because he ruined her and Jack and put Marco in her bed, it’s easy to see why Phyllis Summers hates Victor Newman. And Victor doesn’t seem to care – so her need for revenge makes sense.

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