‘Young and the Restless’ LEAK: Plan to Resume Shooting May Sideline Victor Newman on Y&R

A Young and the Restless leak from the CBS daytime set says that Y&R plans to follow B&B and resume shooting next month, but this may affect some characters, including Victor Newman (Eric Braeden). Of course, the unions for cast and crew must approve any plans to restart filming. Now, though, the source says the soap’s making plans to get back to work that may exclude some stars.

When Will Young and the Restless Resume Work?

Right now, Bold and the Beautiful sent memos to actors projecting a return to work in June. Currently, our inside source at CBS daytime says that Y&R might not be far behind. Reportedly, that soap’s also making plans to get back to work – under similar limitations.

Of course, getting new Young and the Restless episodes back on air will take special measures. They can’t start shooting scenes as they did before because of contagion concerns. There is social distancing to consider, and the safety of crew and cast must come first.

No doubt, Young and the Restless will follow similar guidelines to what B&B’s proposing. Already, the Australian soap Neighbours is back to work, with specific safety protocols. So, you can bet Y&R writers are already retooling storylines to make changes to fit these demands.

For Y&R to Resume Filming, Some Actors Maybe Sidelined – Victor Newman on Hold for Now?

One of the guidelines the CBS leaker told us is that older actors likely won’t be shooting when Young and the Restless first resumes. That means characters like Victor Newman may be offscreen for a while. That’s because Eric Braeden’s 79 and potentially at risk.

Reportedly, the soaps may delay the return of actors over the age of 65, along with anyone among cast and crew with high-risk health concerns. So, will Young and the Restless sideline Victor Newman? Most likely.

Plus, there’s Victor’s arch-rival Jack Abbott to consider since portrayer Peter Bergman is 66. And will Young and the Restless also bench Victor Newman’s wife, Nikki Newman (Melody Thomas Scott), since she’s 64?

Which Actors Might be on the Bench When Young and the Restless Returns?

Also, Y&R has the storyline of Dina Mergeron’s Alzheimer’s decline in a tense spot. But, since Dina’s portrayer, Marla Adams, is 81, she might also be on hold until safety restrictions lift. Then, there’s police chief Paul Williams, as Doug Davidson’s 65, right on the cusp of the concern.

In addition to benching some characters, possibly including the iconic Victor Newman, Young and the Restless needs to rework storylines. Characters must work within small groups with no overlaps, according to the leaked plans. So, for instance, Victor would be offscreen, delaying that plot.

But other stories like Sharon Newman’s (Sharon Case) cancer could proceed, but only with a limited cast of characters on Young and the Restless. As for Victor Newman’s kids, they could keep up with the Adam versus his sibling angst story, but with Victor MIA for now.

Obviously, it will not be business as usual as Y&R return to shooting. But it gets us one step closer to seeing new Young and the Restless episodes. We’ll keep you posted as more information leaks from behind the scenes at CBS daytime. Wait and see.

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