‘Young and the Restless’ Spoilers: Peter Bergman Heartbroken – Jack Abbott Actor Crushed Over Eileen’s Exit

Young and the Restless spoilers indicate Peter Bergman is “devastated” about Eileen Davidson leaving Y&R. The Jack Abbott actor has worked alongside his on-screen sister Ashley Abbott since the 1980s. The characters (and actors) have been by each other’s side in both good and bad times for decades, so this is a significant shift for both. Peter is taking the hit hard and revealed his feelings in a recent interview after Eileen Davidson filmed her final scenes as Ashley Abbott.

Young and the Restless Spoilers: Peter Bergman Struggling

In this recent interview, Peter said he is very distressed at losing Eileen Davidson. He says he feels the loss both personally and professionally. He told Soaps In Depth, “I – Peter Bergman – am personally, deeply heartbroken by it. It’s devastating news and I can’t find any place for it!” This echoes what many fans feel that don’t want to see her leave either.

Peter went on to talk about the long history The Young and the Restless characters shared. “As we all know, Jack and Ashley have been terribly unlucky in love, but they have had each other to commiserate with. When Jack came home heartbroken after the Phyllis thing, he had Ashley to bicker with … so to lose that is heartbreaking.”

Ashley Abbott Leaves The Young and the Restless Soon – Eileen Davison Done

Y&R spoilers indicate that Eileen Davidson taped her last scenes for the show in September. Ashley’s last appearance in Genoa City will be October 29 barring any preemptions. Eileen took to Instagram to document her “saddest countdown.” This week several flashbacks will show a young Abbott family.  A better understanding of the family dynamics is likely. A family secret will also be revealed that may explain Ashley Abbott’s decision to leave town.

Young and the Restless fans know that Ashley has alienated her entire family with her recent actions towards Jack. She has moved out of the family estate and her next move will be out-of-town for good. There is little doubt the documents found in the safe hidden at Jabot play into Ashley’s decision. It’s likely she will have a strong reaction to the fact that Jack shredded the information.

Y&R News – Will Ashley Return?

Never say never. While Eileen Davidson has insisted she is leaving Y&R for good, she has left the show before only to return. Eileen portrayed Ashley Abbott from 1982 through 1988. She left to pursue other opportunities but ultimately returned to the role. During her time away from Young and the Restless Eileen appeared on Santa Barbara, Days Of Our Lives, and Bold And The Beautiful.

The CBS soaps’ showrunner Mal Young said that her departure isn’t permanent. However, Eileen Davidson said she is leaving for good. She said only that she might return for an occasional party or special event. It could be that the Y&R executive was trying to defuse fan furor over yet another legacy character leaving the show.

Only time will tell what the future holds. Eileen has said good-bye and told fans, “I love this place. It changed my life in every single way.” Peter Bergman’s heartbreak over losing his friend and co-worker reminds fans of what they’re feeling too. Don’t miss an episode to see how fan-favorite Ashley Abbott rides off into the sunset.

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