Young and the Restless Spoilers: Jack Abbott Destroys Documents To Protect Jabot

Young and the Restless spoilers indicate Jack Abbott (Peter Bergman) panics because of the documents found in the safe. The information will give Ashley Abbott (Eileen Davidson) a huge advantage at Jabot. It seems John Abbott (Jerry Douglas) may have been aware that Ashley was not his biological daughter and wanted to make sure she would be protected after his death.

Young and the Restless Spoilers: Kyle Abbott Discovers A Shocking Document

Young and the Restless spoilers report Kyle finds documents hidden in the safe at Jabot. John signed an agreement to protect Ashley and her creations. Unfortunately, her creations are now at the center of Jabot’s business. In this case, Kyle shares this information with Jack Abbott who then shreds the paperwork.

Unlucky for them, Dina Mergeron (Marla Adams) recalls everything about the incident. She tells all to Traci Abbott (Beth Maitland). As a result, Traci retrieves the remains of the shredding. She is able to piece everything back together. Young and the Restless spoilers hint Traci will use this new information the best she can to protect Ashley and bring the family back together.

Jack Abbott Revisits the Past on Y&R – Flashbacks Air All Week

The Abbott family will be front and center the week of October 22. Flashbacks from the 1970s play throughout the week. Jonathan Stoddard appears as a young John Abbott and Cathy Marks as Dina Abbott. Ashley, Traci and Jack Abbott will also be seen as children.

Y&R fans will get better understanding of the family dynamics. Some may even soften their hearts about Dina’s prior actions that included several affairs. Perhaps Dina was not a monster who set out to hurt her young family by leaving. Soap Central reports she simply had needs that were not being fulfilled. It will be very interesting to see what else we learn about the Abbott family’s past.

Y&R Spoilers – Ashley Responds To This New Information

How Ashley takes this information is unknown. However, shocked by what she learns, she could use these newly discovered documents to destroy Jabot almost immediately. The question is, will she? Ashley is on the outs with everyone in her her family. Young and the Restless spoilers show she truly believes they have wrongly side with Jack Abbott against her. But as the victim in this scenario will Ashley continue on her path of revenge?

However, Jabot is John Abbott’s legacy. Let’s hope Ashley remembers this. And therefore, doesn’t do something to destroy the company and the rest of her family in the process. With Eileen Davidson leaving the Young and the Restless next week it seems odd for Ashley to have all the power as she walks out the door.  Don’t miss a single episode as the ramifications of Kyle’s discovery and Jack Abbott’s actions play out on-screen.

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