‘Young and the Restless’: Will New Head Writer Bring Back Eileen Davidson as Ashley?

Young and the Restless viewers want to know if Eileen Davidson will be back to Y&R as Ashley Abbott now that there’s a new head writer in charge. Returning head writer and supervising producer Josh Griffith could easily write a storyline worthy of Eileen’s return. There are so many ways and reasons to bring Ashley Abbott back to Genoa City.

Eileen Davidson Ready To Return as Ashley Abbott as Young and the Restless?

Saying she was in need of a break, Eileen Davidson left the Y&R. She told Soap She Knows that the show consumed her life. She said she spent long hours taping the CBS soap and devoted weekends to learning lines – and it just became too much.

However, Eileen said she is more than willing to come back as Ashley if the timing and storyline are right. Now that Josh Griffith is in charge, maybe he could entice Eileen back to the show. A powerful storyline with a shorter arc could be just what the doctor ordered.

Y&R: Dina Mergeron Storyline Needs Closure

Fan favorite Dina Mergeron (Marla Adams) has been MIA from Y&R for weeks now. She was last seen sharing Christmas memories with Jack Abbott (Peter Bergman). However, several characters have mentioned she is struggling. A plot featuring Dina’s ongoing battle with Alzheimer’s disease would lure Ashley Abbott back to town ASAP.

Young and the Restless has done a wonderful job of showcasing the horrible consequences of this illness, but they also can’t let the story linger indefinitely. It seems the timing is right for Dina to move front and center once again. Many fans of the show have commented how much they appreciate the Dina arc because they’ve experienced similar circumstances in their family.

Y&R: Josh Griffith Now In Charge – Will Things Change?

Josh Griffith is now the supervising producer and head writer of the Young and the Restless. He moved into the supervising position when Mal Young was fired in December 2018.

Josh started on Y&R back in 2006 and has had several roles including lead writer and executive producer before leaving to work on Days Of Our Lives. He returned to the CBS soap in August 2018.

Changes Coming to Young and the Restless

No doubt with Josh Griffith in charge at Y&R, things will change. He is known for writing darker storylines including Sharon Newman (Sharon Case) abusing alcohol when she burned down the Newman stables. He was also at the helm when Sharon was diagnosed bipolar.

Josh has just what it takes to write the final scenes for Abbott matriarch Dina Mergeron. Longtime viewers no doubt hope that while the new guy in charge is revamping the soap, he’ll make room for Ashley Abbott’s return to Genoa City on Y&R.

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