‘Young and the Restless: Eileen Davidson Bitten By Brown Recluse Spider In Bed

Young and the Restless fan favorite Eileen Davidson (Ashley Abbott) was recently bitten by a brown recluse spider. The details surrounding this bite are not clear. The Ashley Abbott actress posted a picture on Instagram showing the site of the spider bite. She said in the post, “Brown recluse got me!” She also used a hashtag that suggested – “someones sleeping in my bed.”

Young and the Restless – Eileen Davidson Nightmare in Bed?

It sounds as if the spider bit the Young and the Restless starEileen Davidson while she was in bed. It also sounds like something you might see in a nightmare from a movie. You’re tucked in for the night just ready for a good slumber and you find out you have a visitor under the sheets. Some might even let out a scream at that discovery.

The Young and the Restless portrayer of Ashley Abbott just wrapped up filming on Friday, September 21. Eileen didn’t renew her contract this time around after decades on the soap. The veteran soap actress is just a few weeks away from her last episode hitting the air. What a way to celebrate your first few days of retirement from the soap! That spider bite looks swollen and painful.

After Eileen posted the picture, her Young and the Restless fans chimed in and begged her to go see a doctor. This type of spider bite is nothing to ignore. Fans made sure to share some of their own experiences of this type venomous bite.

Brown Recluse Spider Bite Can Cause Serious Problems

According to Poison Control, a brown recluse spider “is one of the few that not only can bite humans but whose venom can cause serious wounds and poisoning.” The website also reports that this type of spider “caused severe tissue damage and even necrosis (tissue death)” in human victims.

The bite can cause an infection and “the infection as well as the venom can also spread to the rest of the body and possibly become life-threatening.” A trip to the doctor is wise if you are bitten by a spider of this type. Y&R fans are urging Eileen Davidson to go and see a doctor due to many experiences they’ve had with this themselves.

Ashley Abbott Fans Beg Eileen Davidson to See a Doctor

Messages for Eileen Davidson are piling up on the post from many Ashley Abbott fans. One person wrote how her “husband got bit in his leg” and as a result, he spent 16 weeks at infectious disease center. The man ended up with IV antibiotics and the fan described it as – “It’s was awful!”

Eileen Davidson’s caption seems to suggest the creature was in her bed. The Young and the Restless actress assigned the hashtag #SomeonesSleepingInMyBed to her post. Poison Control says it gets its name because it is so reclusive. The spider likes dark places and it’s as afraid of humans as humans are afraid of it.

Eileen Davidson Leaves Young and the Restless

With Eileen Davidson wrapping up filming on the soap last week on the Young and the Restless, fans are sad to see her go. This is not a way for her to start her retirement from the soap. Hopefully, she will heed her fans warnings and get it checked by a doctor.

The spider only bites when it feels threatened, such as you put on a boot that one is hiding in. Or in the possible case of Eileen Davidson, climbing into bed where a spider was lurking.

According to the website, this type of spider is seldom seen because it likes to hide in dark places. It has a very distinct shape and markings. They report the spider “is recognized by the unique violin-shaped marking on its back, with the neck of the violin pointing towards the rear of the body.”

The spider is tan to brown in color with the violin-like marking on its back a darker brown than the rest of the body. The spider does not have any other markings.

“If you suspect a brown recluse spider bite, wash the bite site with soap and water. Then call Poison Control at 1-800-222-1222.”