‘Young and the Restless’: Donny Boaz Reveals COVID Weight Gain – Chubby Chance? [See Pics]

Young and the Restless actor Donny Boaz, AKA Chance Chancellor, joked that he’s gained weight during the lockdown. He showed off the results online and it’s true, like most of us, he’s put on a few LBs. However, he still looks great. We’ve got the before and after pics and what the actor said about what’s to blame for the extra pounds.

Young and the Restless: Not Ready for Sexy Scenes – Says Chance Chancellor Portrayer

In the before and after pic below, you see a scene of Donny Boaz as Chance Chancellor. That was in the hot shower love scene with Chance and Abby Newman (Melissa Ordway). Then, next to it is a shot from a video the actor shared while joking about his weight gain.

With Young and the Restless filming soon, Donny moved back to California with his girlfriend of one year, Nicole Henderson. They quarantined in his native Texas and just came back to LA to get ready as Y&R returns to work. They’ll start filming next week – if things go as planned at CBS.

Meanwhile, Donny Boaz joked that he’s in no shape for shirtless scenes on Young and the Restless. He jokingly asked how many “buoy swims” would he need to do to get back into shape for daytime TV scenes. And, Chance Chancellor’s alter-ego confessed what torched his fitness.

Young and the Restless: Phillip Chancellor IV - Chance Chancellor - (Danny Boaz)

Y&R Star Donny Boaz Explains Weight Gain – Blames Quarantine

First, the Young and the Restless Chance Chancellor actor still looks great. He’s certainly in better shape than most people coming out several months stuck at home doing not much. However, we’re quoting him as he says he “put on a solid covid19.” But really – it just looks like he lost the six-pack.

So, how did that 19 (or however many pounds) pile on Young and the Restless hunk? Donny said he’d spent four months in Texas, away from work. Plus, the Chance actor said during the shutdown, he and girlfriend Nicole ate lots of Hello Fresh meals.

That sure sounds like Donny Boaz was doing what the rest of us were. Staying home, watching Young and the Restless reruns – and eating. Then again, at least he’s got time before Chance needs to be ready for intimate scenes. The new restrictions promise that.

Young and the Restless: Phillip Chancellor IV - Chance Chancellor - (Danny Boaz)

How Long Until Donny Needs to Be Ready for Chance Love Scenes on Young and the Restless?

Y&R hopes to resume taping next week. So, how many days or weeks until Donny Boaz might have to go shirtless as Chance Chancellor? The good news is, there’s a kibosh on hot action for a while because of the contagion risk. Actors must social distance in scenes.

So, that means Young and the Restless can’t have Chance back in the shower (or bed) with Abby anytime soon. That gives Donny time to get back into fighting shape. Although he said “Lord, help me,” he then laughingly added “life, is good” and that he’s blessed.

With the current Young and the Restless restrictions, it sure looks like Donny Boaz has plenty of time to get back into his exercise regimen. And, he looks as great as ever – even with a couple of pounds (certainly not 19) extra. We’ll update you soon on when Chance Chancellor’s back.

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