‘Young and the Restless’: 5 Things to Know About All the Phillip Chancellors

Young and the Restless shows us a lot of legacy characters lately, including Phillip Chancellor II (Donelly Rhodes) and the fantastic Katherine Chancellor (Jeanne Cooper). But for newer watchers, they might not know all the Phillips (and there were four). Check out this refresher on the many Chancellor men.

#1 There are 4 Phillip Chancellors on Young and the Restless (But 3 On Screen)

Y&R first introduced Phillip Chancellor II back in the early 70s. So, Phil #1 was never onscreen but mentioned as part of the character biography of Phillip 2. Phil 1 was Katherine’s father-in-law, but never appeared the CBS soap. However, Phillip II wasn’t long in Genoa City as he died in the mid -70s.

Young and the Restless had Phillip Chancellor II onscreen from November 1973 until his death in August 1975. Then, he came back two decades later in July 1998 for a scene of what Phillip 2’s life would have been, had he lived. He died from a car crash in a vehicle driven by a furious Kay.


#2 Phillip II Never Had a Child With Katherine Chancellor on Y&R

Young and the Restless longtime watchers know that Katherine and Phillip Chancellor never had a child together in their two years of air-time together. Katherine had two children, Brock Reynolds, with Gary Reynolds. And, she had Tucker McCall, son of Judge Arthur Hendricks.

What Phillip and Katherine had were a lot of love, heartache, and struggles before her rage literally drove them off the road and to his death. She begged him on Young and the Restless not to end their marriage, but he insisted. So, that led to the end of his life on Y&R as Kay nearly killed herself and did kill him.

#3 Phillip Chancellor III Was P2’s Only Son – Birthed by Jill Abbott

Young and the Restless then introduced the third Phillip Chancellor after his dad’s death. That’s because Jill Abbott (Jess Walton) was pregnant with his child when he died. In fact, Phil #1 married Jill on his deathbed then expired from the crash injuries. The marriage wasn’t valid, but it’s a soap…

So, Phillip III came into the soap world in 1976. Then he got the soap SORAS (soap opera rapid aging syndrome) treatment. Most people knew Thom Bierdz in the role. Later in life, he faked his death but is now known to be alive. That faked death leads to another Young and the Restless plot.

Young and the Restless: Phillip Chancellor III (Thom Bierdz)

#4 Cane Ashby Pretended to Be Phillip III for Years on Young and the Restless

Y&R brought Cane Ashby (Daniel Goddard) onto the scene posing as Phillip Chancellor III in 2007. It later turned out that he was faking at the request of the real #3. Back in the day, P3 was overwhelmed with life, and a near-fatal car crash gave him the chance to run away.

Then, on Young and the Restless, P3 convinced Cane to masquerade as him to make Kay and Jill happy. After a few years, the real Phillip Chancellor III came back to town and out of the closet. Turns out, his being gay was another reason he hid. Now, he’s mentioned sporadically on Y&R.

Young and the Restless: Phillip Chancellor IV - Chance Chancellor - (Danny Boaz)

#5 Phillip IV is the Only One Around Now – AKA Chance Chancellor on Y&R

Young and the Restless now has Donny Boaz playing the fourth Phillip on the CBS soap. His dad was #3, but he grew up without him because of the faked death thing. Grown-up Phillip Chancellor IV goes by the name Chance Chancellor and joined the Army and fought in Iraq.

When he came back from the war on Young and the Restless, his presumed-dead dad was back, but Chance said he’d stick with the man that raised him as his father. Later, they reconciled, but then Phillip IV “died” and went into witness protection. Now, Phillip 3 and 4 are on good terms.

And Chance is back in GC on Young and the Restless. These days, though, we see classic episodes, so this is just a little info to help when you see one of the other Phillip Chancellors in the coming weeks in CBS flashback theme weeks.

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