‘Welcome to Plathville’: Micah Rejects Marriage – Wants Single Life

Welcome to Plathville’s Micah Plath broke up with his girlfriend to experience the freedoms that come with a single lifestyle. After he grew up in a sheltered environment, Micah asserted his independence and moved out of the Plath household. Then, Micah started to date his first girlfriend, but it didn’t last.

Welcome to Plathville: Micah’s First Girlfriend

A Welcome to Plathville leak said that Micah Plath had a girlfriend over the summer. And, that it was a very serious relationship. While he didn’t tell mention her name, Micah said that it was his very first girlfriend. And that he loved her and thought she loved him too.

It’s unclear how long the relationship lasted, but according to Micah Plath he thought he would marry the mystery woman. But, Micah revealed to Moriah, Ethan, and Olivia that he felt good about the breakup. Then, the Welcome to Plathville star admitted that he didn’t understand how a relationship was supposed to work.

Micah Plath said that he grew a lot from the relationship. And that the experience of having that close bond made him realize he still had a lot to learn before he could make that kind of commitment.

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Micah Disagreed with His Parents

When Micah Plath talked about his girlfriend, he said that his Welcome to Plathville upbringing confused things for him. And that he thought that he should marry the first person he loved. That’s what Kim and Barry Plath taught him.

And Micah said that his parents believed that God would show you who you needed to marry. But, Micah felt that pressure influenced his relationship and ultimately caused him to not think it through.

When Micah realized that he didn’t agree with his Welcome to Plathville parents, he broke things off with his girlfriend. Micah Plath said that he was young and had too much time ahead of him to settle down now. Even though this went against what his parents raised him to believe. Then, he said that he wanted to enjoy his freedom and live the single life for awhile. So that he could learn more about himself and relationships. Micah believed that it would help him figure out what he wanted and needed from a partner.

Welcome-to-Plathville: Micah Plath

Welcome to Plathville: A New Future

Welcome to Plathville fan favorite, Micah Plath, said he is excited for his future. He said he loves his career and his new social life. And that he liked not having to follow his parent’s rules anymore. He said he had grown as a person after he left his family home. And that he believed that he would find the right woman to settle down with in time. But, that now he wanted to spend some time enjoying the dating process and the single life.

Viewers commented that they love the growth that they’ve seen in Micah. They agreed that he needed time and space from his Welcome to Plathville family to spread his wings and learn about the world. And that they are glad he didn’t get married at such a young age. But, some fans said they’re disappointed that Micah isn’t dating fellow model, Helena Parrish. They believed that she would be good for him. And that Helena could help him navigate the real world. But, for now, the two are just friends.

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