‘Welcome to Plathville’: Helena Parrish Dishes the Dirt on Relationship with Micah Plath

Welcome to Plathville model Helena Parrish revealed her take on Micah Plath‘s journey and their current relationship. Fans wondered if the two dated after Micah showed interest on the first season of the show. And many viewers thought it would be a great match.

Welcome to Plathville: Micah Begins His Modeling Career

When Welcome to Plathville started, Micah Plath began to assert his independence from his family. And the sheltered lifestyle his parents had created for the kids. Micah was raised without access to technology, such as TV, radio, or the internet, unless it was for supervised school research. And his mother, Kim Plath, home schooled all the children. So he didn’t have much experience or exposure to the real world.

Welcome to Plathville viewers watched as Micah Plath shared his interest in modeling and went to his first audition. After he was hired, fans saw him model at his first shoot. It was at that photo shoot that Micah met fellow model turned friend, Helena Parrish. And it appeared to fans of Welcome to Plathville that he was quite taken with her. Micah Plath was shy and somewhat uncomfortable even putting a hand on Helena’s shoulder. But, she encouraged him and helped him to get through the shoot.

Welcome to Plathville: Micah Plath-Helena Parrish


Helena Parrish Reveals Relationship Status

Over the course of the Welcome to Plathville series, Micah Plath talked on the phone with Helena Parrish. And fans felt convinced that he and Helena dated. Recently, Helena Parrish came out and dished the dirt on Micah Plath on the Taste of Reality Podcast with Kirsty Moore.

In the interview, Helena talked about the growth that Micah had experienced. She said that their photo shoot seen on the second season of Welcome to Plathville was hugely different from that first shoot. Helena Parrish said Micah showed confidence and was more comfortable over all. They laughed and joked during the shoot, instead of the awkward silences present the first time. Also, Micah Plath even flirted with his fellow model.

Then, Helena revealed that she did go out on a date with Micah Plath. In fact, that date will air in an upcoming episode of Welcome to Plathville for fans to watch. But, Helena Parrish said that they are not currently in a relationship. She said that they are just very good friends. And that she thinks Micah Plath has a girlfriend right now. According to Helena, she wanted to allow him some freedom to explore and enjoy himself now that he’s free of his parent’s restrictions. But, that “the best things come from friendship.”

Welcome To Plathville: Micah Plath


Welcome to Plathville: Does Micah Have a Girlfriend?

As Helena mentioned in her interview, Micah Plath may have a girlfriend. And that’s just one of the changes that he made recently. When season two of Welcome to Plathville aired, Micah Plath and Moriah had rented a house together and moved out of the Plath household. No longer under the family roof or watchful eye of his parents, he started to change his lifestyle.

Micah Plath continued his modeling career and has flaunted photos of himself without a lot of clothes. And he didn’t feel the need to keep his photo shoots hidden anymore. Plus, the Welcome to Plathville star bought a sports car and a motorcycle. But now, he wanted to find someone special. And it seemed like he had. Recently he shared a photo of the couple on social media. Micah Plath did not mention her name and not much is known about the mystery woman at the moment. But it seems that Helena Parrish truly is just a friend, to viewers dismay.

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