‘Welcome to Plathville’: Micah Plath Has a Girlfriend?

Welcome To Plathville star Micah Plath is not the same young man we first met last year when his family’s TLC show aired. Over the last year, the 19-year-old aspiring model has made significant changes to his life. He’s worked hard on his physical appearance. Now he’s finally enjoying the fruits of his labor as his career takes off, and so does his love life.

Welcome To Plathville: Micah Plath On His Own

The second season of Welcome To Plathville revealed huge changes for Micah Plath. When his family moved off the farm to their dream home in “town”,  Micah and his sister Moriah Plath opted to get their own place. Their controlling parents made it clear they were not good influences on their younger siblings. So, if they couldn’t abide by their parent’s rules, then they needed to move out. So that’s exactly what the young adults did.

Micah Plath started modeling in secret last season on Welcome To Plathville. However, he’s no longer keeping his career hidden. His social media feed is loaded with pictures of his shoots. Plus, there are also tons of selfies showing off his efforts in the gym. The COVID-19 pandemic slowed his career a bit, but he’s still managing to make a good living.

In fact, this past year, Welcome To Plathville‘s Micah bought himself a flashy sports car. Now, this week the adventurous young man also bought his first motorcycle. This was a dream of his for as long as he could remember.

So now that he’s living on his own, making his own money, decisions like these are solely for him to make. No doubt, Micah Plath is enjoying the perks of adulthood.

Welcome To Plathville: Micah Plath

Model Life – Model Girlfriend?

Welcome To Plathville celeb Micah Plath is finally living his own best life. Now free to make his own decisions without repercussions from his parents, Micah is ready to look for his plus one. Fans could not help but notice how smitten he was by the female model he was paired with.  Although the two certainly have chemistry on and off the camera, they remain nothing more than besties.

However, Welcome To Plathville’s Micah Plath is actively dating. He certainly likes the ladies. But there’s one special girl that caught his eye. So much so that he’s shared their budding romance on his social media. He didn’t say too much. Her name remains unknown. It’s likely the mystery man is also a model like Micah.

All we know is that she’s certainly someone special. After all,  Micah drove all the way from Georgia to Alabama to take this pretty woman on a proper date. As you can see in the picture below, these two make quite a stunning couple.

Welcome To Plathville: Micah Plath

Welcome To Plathville: Viewers Are Torn Over Micah’s Date

Welcome To Plathville fans have mixed reactions to Micah Plath’s new love interest. Overall most are happy he’s getting himself out there and dating; many are quick to judge his choice. The brunette beauty’s appearance is a subject of debate among his followers.

Many think that she’s dressed rather racy and showing too much cleavage. These same people also say that Mich should pick a more wholesome woman. Unfortunately, they’re judging this pretty young woman solely on one picture. Clearly, Micah Plath’s attracted to her for other reasons other than her stunning looks. So thankfully, many Welcome To Plathville followers see what Micah sees in his choice.

Of course, we all know Micah’s mother, Kim Plath, gets screenshots from her friends that “spy” on Micah’s online activity. No doubt Kim’s probably got a thing or two to say. However, it’s in her best interest to hold her tongue and criticism. For now, Micah Plath is enjoying his new life and looking to find a woman to share his journey with.

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