‘Unexpected’: McKayla Adkins Cries & Begs Girls Not to Get Pregnant

Unexpected star McKayla Adkins doesn’t regret being a mother, but she did say there were things that made her sad about it. And the TLC star begged teen girls not to become mothers.

Unexpected: McKayla Adkins Says Teen Pregnancy Isn’t Good

McKayla Adkins had tears in her eyes when she talked about being a teen mother. She said that there are a lot of teenagers out there that want to have babies. McKayla from Unexpected begged them to wait just a little while.

Unexpected mom McKayla said they should wait to be in a happy marriage before having kids. She said that her pregnancy wasn’t a happy announcement. And that the birth of their kids wasn’t a happy announcement.

McKayla from Unexpected went on to say that no one was there for her. And that no one thought it was a good idea for her to have her kids. McKayla Adkins said she may not have more kids or get to know what it feels like to have a happy pregnancy announcement.

Unexpected: McKayla Adkins

McKayla Doesn’t Know What She’ll Do

Unexpected star McKayla Adkins doesn’t know what she will do with her life. She said she doesn’t know if she will go to college. McKayla said if she wants to do something that requires college, then she will go, but not otherwise.

Some fans of Unexpected asked McKayla Adkins how long she would continue to sell photos of herself. Her reply was that she would keep doing it until it stopped working for her. McKayla said it definitely has its drawbacks but that she makes really good money.

McKayla Adkins from Unexpected said her boyfriend doesn’t mind. She said she plans on marrying her boyfriend, and that won’t stop her from doing what she wants to do. And it doesn’t seem like he wants her to stop.

Unexpected: McKayla Adkins

Unexpected: Being a Young Mother

McKayla said now that she is 20, she wishes she wouldn’t have become a mom so young. However, she does not regret either of her kids. She said she wished that she would have stayed a kid and not tried to act like an adult so young.

Unexpected fans said it seems like she is doing so good for herself. She and the kids live in a nice house with a pool, and she doesn’t get any help from her family. McKayla said she doesn’t need anyone else, nor does she need anyone’s approval because she does fine without it.

Despite saying she doesn’t care, it does seem like she wished it was different. Even so, she kept a good attitude as much as possible and has grown up a lot since her time on Unexpected.

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