‘Unexpected’: McKayla Adkins Gets Fresh New Tattoo

Unexpected star McKayla Adkins (the ex-lover of Caelan Morrison) recently spent time in a tattoo shop and got new ink. She has been switching up her look a lot lately, from buzz cuts to new piercings and, now, more ink. But, McKayla doesn’t seem to care what others think about her new appearance.

Unexpected: McKayla Adkins Flaunts Buzz Cut Hairstyle

Over the years, McKayla Adkins has dyed her hair many different colors. But, it seems like her DIY hair dye jobs may be over. The Unexpected cast member had to shave her locks off after a visit to the hair salon. McKayla said that a hairstylist had fried her hair and that it left her with no choice but to shave it all off. She hoped that she could save her hair, but there was no reversing the damage. However, she did start to dig her new look.

The Unexpected reality star eventually found a way to make her new shaven look work. McKayla Adkins said that she had bought a few different wigs online. However, she did admit that finding good hairpieces was a challenge for her. The ex of Caelan Morrison told fans that she was lost and didn’t know what she was doing. But, she eventually found a few wigs that she liked how they looked.

Unexpected: McKayla Adkins

McKayla Reveals New Piercing

Before saying goodbye to her hair, McKayla Adkins went to a tattoo parlor to inquire about getting some ink. However, the Unexpected TLC star was told that she couldn’t get her new tattoo until the following month. But, McKayla didn’t leave the shop without getting something new. She got a tongue piercing. Getting piercings is nothing new to her. But, she was happy about her impulsive decision to get a tongue ring.

McKayla Adkins from Unexpected opened up about the process. She said that on a scale of one to ten, the pain was a three. But, since McKayla has gone through the piercing process before, fans think that she has a high pain tolerance. But, the new additions to her look didn’t stop there.

Unexpected: McKayla Adkins

Unexpected Celeb Shows off Latest Tattoo

McKayla Adkins eventually went back to the tattoo studio to get a new tattoo. She recently revealed the latest addition to her body art collection. She got an image of a half-moon on the front of her hand. The picture matches the sun that she has on her other hand. McKayla didn’t say how much it hurt. But, since this isn’t her first, fans believe that she knew what to expect.

The Unexpected castmate has her fair share of permanent ink on her body. McKayla Adkins almost has a full arm covered in tattoos. And it looks like she’s working on her other arm.  Many fans have said that McKayla spends too much money on tattoos and that she should be saving that money for her children. But, she doesn’t regret any of her decisions and tells fans that her two children with Caelan Morrison are taken care of.

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