‘Unexpected’: Max Schenzel Turns Lifestyle into a Business – Starts New Company

Unexpected star Max Schenzel recently announced that he will be starting his own business. While Max has been focusing on his sobriety, he has also been working on his fitness. So, he has taken his sober lifestyle and love for working out to create a business. Continue reading to find out more about his new money-making plan.

TLC’s Unexpected: Max Schenzel Focuses on Sobriety and Fitness

In the past, Max Schenzel had struggled with an addiction to drugs. However, he has been able to get the help he needed to stay on the right path. He has been living in a sober home. Being in an environment with people who have the same goal seems to be helping Max with his sobriety. He also has a job working in the sales department for a company. But, his sobriety isn’t the only aspect of his life that he has been focusing on.

The Unexpected cast member has also been working on his physique. Max Schenzel has been spending a lot of his time working out. He has shared updates on his fitness progress online with fans. Even during a global pandemic, Max was able to get “COVID gains.” When he and Chloe Mendoza broke up, it seemed like he was working on his revenge body. But, now it seems like he has made fitness a big part of his life.

Unexpected: Max Schenzel

Max Blames Chloe Mendoza for Not Filming for TLC Show

Max Schenzel and Chloe Mendoza had shared their story of being young parents with viewers on TLC’s Unexpected. But, it seems like they won’t be sharing anymore. Rumors of which couples would be returning for another season have been circling the internet. Although, Max and Chloe seem to be one of the pairs who won’t be returning. Max broke the news to fans that they won’t be a part of the new season.

Unexpected TLC celeb Max Schenzel seems to blame the mother of his daughter, Chloe Mendoza for the reason why they won’t be on the new season. He said that he wanted to film for another season. But, Chloe didn’t seem to be on board. Chloe had previously made it clear to fans that she wouldn’t return to the show.

Unexpected: Max Schenzel

Unexpected Celeb Starts New Business

Since Max Schenzel won’t be getting a pay check from the network he has found other ways to make money. In addition to his sales job, he has recently announced that he will be starting his own fitness business. The name of his business is “swolebriety.” The term “swole” refers to being muscular. So, it seems like his new business endeavor will revolve around working out while being sober.

The Unexpected reality star has a lot of plans for his brand. Max Schenzel said that he will be selling merchandise, workout videos and supplements. He said that everything will be made in America. Yet, it seems like Max is still in the beginning stages. He does have his logo already created. And he also said that everything he plans to offer will be “coming soon.”

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