‘Unexpected’: Max Schenzel Gears up to Strip Down Online

Unexpected TLC star Max Schenzel seems to be the latest TLC alum to gear up to strip down online. He has been focusing on his sobriety. And co-parenting his daughter with Chloe Mendoza. Now it seems like Max might be planning to earn some money selling explicit pictures of himself. Continue reading to find out more.

TLC Unexpected Update: Max Schenzel Living in Sober Home

Max Schenzel had previously dealt with an addiction to drugs. TLC’s Unexpected viewers saw on the show as he went to a treatment centre to get help. His then-girlfriend Chloe Mendoza was supportive of his decision. Even when it meant he would miss her senior prom. Max completed the program and was sober for a while. However, he had then supposedly relapsed. So, he once again went to seek help.

The Unexpected young father is now focusing on staying sober. Max Schenzel told fans that he is living in a sober house. Although, he calls it a “sober frat house.” Since he has a bunch of housemates. He shared his new living arrangements with fans online. Max is now surrounded by people who all have the same goal. To live a better life sober and healthy. And he seems to be getting his life back on the right track.

Unexpected: Max Schenzel

Max Not Filming for New Season of TLC Show

Max Schenzel and the mother of his child Chloe Mendoza shared their lives with fans on TLC’s Unexpected for two seasons. The two became parents at a very young age. And it wasn’t easy for them. Max wasn’t welcome around Chloe’s family. And his drug use made the situation worse. Unfortunately, the two weren’t able to make their relationship work. Despite the numerous tries, Chloe and Max are seemingly not together at the moment.

The Unexpected cast members will no longer be sharing their story with fans. Max Schenzel told fans that he will not be on the new season of the show. And he seems to blame Chloe Mendoza. Max wanted to continue to say on the TLC show. But, he claims that “Chloe [Mendoza] didn’t want to do another season.” So, there is a good chance that production didn’t want to have a storyline that didn’t include both of the young parents.

Unexpected: Max Schenzel

Unexpected Celeb Joining Explicit Content Service

Max Schenzel won’t be making money filming for another season of Unexpected. But, he does have a new money-making endeavour. Max said that he will be joining OnlyFans. A subscription-based platform that is geared towards selling explicit-themed content to fans. He said online that his account “is being approved.” And that he will be uploading content soon. It is not clear if he is being serious — or if he is making fun of other TLC celebrities who have already joined.

If it is true, Max Schenzel isn’t the only Unexpected alum to join the platform. His fellow castmate McKayla Adkins also sells explicit images on the platform. McKayla did get some hateful comments from viewers for her joining. But, she said that she had found confidence through posing for her explicit photos. She also said that he has never “felt more beautiful” than now.

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