‘Unexpected’: Max Schenzel Looks Back at Troubled Past

Unexpected star Max Schenzel recently took a look back at his troubled past. He believes that he is not the same person he used to be. However, he wishes that certain people would see that.

Unexpected: Max Schenzel Sees Drastic Change

Over the past couple of years, Max Schenzel struggled to get his life back on track. The Unexpected young dad dealt with an addiction to drugs and found himself in and out of jail. However, since his last sentence behind bars, he has changed his life around. According to Max, he is now sober and working towards getting his daughter back into his life. 

Max Schenzel from Unexpected looked back at how much he has changed since his troubled days. He thinks that it is “quite amazing” to see all the drastic changes that God and his family have helped him achieve. Max views himself as an “imperfect man” who has a lot of room to grow. He knows he has a long road ahead of him to get to where he wants to be. But Max doesn’t forget about how far he has come.

Unexpected: Max Schenzel

Max Thinks about Daughter Ava Schenzel’s Future

Max Schenzel hasn’t been able to be with his little girl, Ava Schenzel, since leaving jail. The Unexpected alum has a restraining order against him and cannot see or contact Ava or Chloe Mendoza. However, he plans to try and get that order modified. Max wishes that he could show Chloe and Ava the man he has become over the past two years of “sobriety and developments.”

The Unexpected reality star often thinks about his daughter, Ava Schenzel’s future. Max Schenzel likes to envision his little girl all grown up and with her own kids. Those thoughts make him want to continue down the right path even more. Max is hopeful that he will have Ava in his life one day, and he will be able to be the father he always wanted to be. However, he has a lot of work to do first.

Unexpected: Ava Schenzel

Unexpected Celeb Feels Guilt

Max Schenzel doesn’t want to go back to his old ways. He believes that it is good to sit back and “think deeply about where you have been and where you are” now. For Max, feeling guilt is the hardest part of recovery. Not being able to apologize to the people he might have hurt is hard for him to deal with. However, Max feels that all he can do is to continue to go down the right path and hope that others will be able to recognize his progress.

The Unexpected TLC star has spoken about mending his relationship with Chloe Mendoza. Max Schenzel does miss Chloe since they had a lot of fun moments together. However, he doesn’t have any romantic feelings towards her. Max only wants to have a good co-parenting relationship with Chloe. But, with a restraining order in place, that might be a difficult task.

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