‘Unexpected’: Max Schenzel Facing Jail Time? Arrest Warrant Issued after Probation Revoked

Unexpected star Max Schenzel could once again be facing jail time because an arrest warrant has been issued. After violating his probation one too many times, he now has a warrant out for his arrest. Despite all the changes he had been able to make to better himself, Max may have to serve time. However, he will have the chance to bail himself out. If he can come up with the money to pay for his bond.

TLC’s Unexpected Update: Max Schenzel Was on Probation

Last year, Max Schenzel got in trouble with the law. He said he was guilty of stealing from a friend’s grandmother. He stole her credit cards and cash while she was sleeping. So, the Unexpected TLC celeb was placed on probation. Max Schenzel also dealt with an addiction to drugs. After failing a drug test, he had to spend a month is a treatment facility. He went to rehab which made him miss Chloe Mendoza’s prom.

Once the TLC Unexpected father left rehab he made positive changes to his life. Max Schenzel was able to mend his relationship with Chloe Mendoza. This gave him the chance to be the best father he could to his daughter, Ava. Max also spent his time doing positive activities. He spent a lot of time in the gym focusing on his fitness. He also got a job as a caretaker for a retired veteran.

Unexpected: Max Schenzel
Unexpected: Max Schenzel



Arrest Warrant Out for Max Schenzel

Max Schenzel seemingly had a hard time staying on the right track. His probation officer recently let the court know that Max was not following his one-month probation terms. However, his PO did say that he was making good changes. But, the number of violations Max did was far too many. In the end, the judge agreed to revoke his probation.

Since the Unexpected cast member’s probation no longer stands police have been told to arrest him. So, if Max Schenzel is caught by the police he will be taken to jail. Even if he wasn’t committing a crime at the time of the arrest. Chloe Mendoza has said that she will leave Max if he goes to jail. Max may have been able to kick his drug addiction, but he may not be able to dodge going to jail.

How Long Is the Unexpected Celeb Facing in Jail?

Max Schenzel has still been posting to social media. Even though there is an arrest warrant out for him. A couple of days ago, the Unexpected alum shared a picture of himself in the gym. In the caption, he wrote, “I like to lift weights.” In the picture, he is showing off his muscles that he has been working so hard on. Is he getting ready to spend some time behind bars?

The Unexpected reality star already has an idea of how long he could potentially be in jail. Once Max Schenzel is in police custody he will be facing his original sentencing. When he pled guilty to the theft he was facing a sentence of 90 days. However, there will be a bond in place. Max’s bond will be set at $900. So, him spending much time in jail may be unlikely. But, will Max be able to pay his bond?

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