‘Unexpected’: Matthew Blevins Denies Baby with Hailey Tilford Is His

Unexpected TLC star Matthew Blevins allegedly denied that Hailey Tilford‘s baby is his. The paternity of the child has been questioned by Matthew before. But, Hailey #2 is certain that he is the father. Whether he wants to believe it or not. Yet, now it doesn’t seem to matter if he is the father of not. After making a change to his social media bio, Hailey has decided to keep Matthew away from her son altogether.

TLC’s Unexpected Update: Matthew Blevins Not a Part of Pregnancy

Matthew Blevins left the mother of his first child Hailey Tomlinson for her best friend. Matthew and Hailey Tilford then announced on the Unexpected Tell-All that they were expecting. Hailey #2 admitted that the pregnancy wasn’t planned. She said that she had no intention of getting pregnant at a young age. But, the two were happy to be having a child together. Although, that didn’t last long.

The Unexpected young dad has seemingly not been there for Hailey Tilford during the pregnancy. Matthew Blevins didn’t even attend her baby shower. Hailey has said that she is preparing herself to be a single mom. She plans on raising Levi by her self. Since her relationship with Matthew has been very toxic.

Unexpected: Hailey Tilford

Matthew Not the Father?

Matthew Blevins already has a daughter. It is not clear how often he is with Kinsley Marie Blevins. Matthew and his ex-girlfriend Hailey Tomlinson also had a bad ending to their relationship. But, he does not deny that she is his daughter. Unlike the baby he is having with Hailey Tilford.

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The Unexpected cast member supposedly denied that the baby Hailey Tilford is pregnant with is his. According to Hailey, Matthew Blevins went on a live stream saying that Levi isn’t his. She even pointed out that he had taken Levi’s name out of his online profile bio. Matthew has said in the past that he wanted a DNA test done. Since he thought his baby momma #2 had been cheating on him.

Unexpected: Hailey Tilford

Hailey Tilford Keeping Baby Away from Unexpected Dad

Although, Hailey Tilford seems to have all the support she needs from her family and friends. But, this pregnancy has been hard for the Unexpected reality star. Raising a child on her own will not be easy. However, she has made it clear that Matthew Blevins will not be a part of her son’s life. Especially since he has been denying the baby isn’t his. So, she wants nothing to do with him.

The Unexpected mom-to-be will not be letting Matthew Blevins see her son. Hailey Tilford said that he better not change his mind about not being the father. The last thing a mother wants is someone coming in and out of their child’s life. Hailey said to him online, “we’ll be fine without you.” She also said, “you will never meet my child.” Looks like Matthew is out of the picture for good.

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