‘Unexpected’: Hailey Tilford Celebrates Baby Shower – Fights with Matthew Blevins over DNA Test

Unexpected TLC star Hailey Tilford (Hailey #2) recently celebrated her baby shower for her child with Matthew Blevins. Hailey and Matthew are about to become parents to a boy named Levi. Although, Matthew may think that the child isn’t his. The birth of their son is quickly approaching. So, Matthew and Hailey need to figure out if they will be co-parenting together — or if Matthew will have no involvement at all.

TLC’s Unexpected: Hailey Tilford Attends Baby Celebration Party

Hailey Tilford and her then-boyfriend Matthew Blevins made the announcement of their pregnancy on the Unexpected Tell-All. Since then the couple has broken up and is no longer on good terms. Matthew has seemingly not been supportive during their pregnancy. So, Hailey has been preparing herself to be a single mom.

The TLC Unexpected mom-to-be will be giving birth to baby Blevins very soon. But, before Levi makes his grand entrance into the world, Hailey Tilford’s friends and family threw her a party for her baby. She took to social media to share pictures from the event. From the looks of it, Matthew Blevins was not there. Given their rocky relationship, it wasn’t a surprise to fans.

Unexpected: Hailey Tilford

TLC Celeb Hailey Done with Ex-boyfriend Matthew Blevins

Hailey Tilford has made it clear that Matthew Blevins and herself will not be raising Levi together.  However, she has found support from another ex-boyfriend, Cole Smith. Unexpected fans found out that Hailey was hanging out with Cole and think she and Cole were dating. But, Hailey claimsd that she and Cole “were best friends and then started dating” for about seven months while they were in high school. Now Cole is “just one of my supporters in life.”

However, it doesn’t seem like member Matthew a fan of Cole. Hailey Tilford shared text messages she got from Matthew Blevins after the baby shower. Matthew wrote, “comedy, Cole [Smith] doing the daddy work.” Hailey wrote back, “grow tf up Matthew. Stay out of my phone.” She also said to him, “please stay away from me and Levi.”

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Unexpected Celeb Matthew Questions DNA of Baby

Matthew Blevins is about to be a father of two. Although, he may think that Levi isn’t his. During a live stream, Hailey Tilford said that he wanted to get a paternity test done. Then she decided against it. This seems to have left doubt in Matthew’s mind. Hailey #2 said that if Matthew doesn’t think the baby is his then he can leave her and Levi alone.

The Unexpected young father didn’t always think that he wasn’t the father. Matthew Blevins accused his baby momma Hailey Tilford of cheating, beating and stealing from him. This is what led him to bring up the idea of the test to find out if he is the father. However, after recent events, Hailey doesn’t seem so against the idea anymore. She said online, “you can go to court and ask for a DNA test and get rights.” She also said that she is “moving forward with my life and not including him.”

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