‘Unexpected’: Hailey Tilford Plans for Baby #2 with Cole Smith

Unexpected star Hailey Tilford recently revealed when she plans on having another baby. She and her boyfriend Cole Smith haven’t been dating for long. But, Hailey knows that he is the one, and Cole seems to feel the same towards her. The two are already talking about expanding their family shortly.

Unexpected: Hailey Tilford Living with Cole Smith

Last month, Hailey Tilford took a big step in her relationship with Cole Smith. The Unexpected castmate and Cole moved into a new apartment together. Hailey said that she needed a bigger place to raise her son. Babies do accumulate a lot of stuff. So, now the three are living under one roof. Hailey #2 seems happy to have Cole around to help out with baby Levi.

The Unexpected reality star and the father of her baby Matthew Blevins are not on speaking terms. So, Hailey Tilford is grateful that her son has Cole Smith in his life as a father figure. She has said that Cole is the “best daddy in the whole world.” She also said that she is “so lucky” that Cole came in when she was six months pregnant with Levi and “saved us.”

Unexpected: Hailey Tilford - Cole Smith

Hailey and Cole Hope to Grow Family Soon

Hailey Tilford and Cole Smith haven’t been together for long, but the two seem to be in the relationship for the long run. The Unexpected young mom recently opened up to fans about her plans with Cole. Hailey shared that she and Cole plan to expand their family soon. She told fans that she wants to start trying for a baby in either December or January. However, Cole would like to wait until Levi is one.

Unexpected’s Hailey Tilford is already a mom to a baby boy. So, her followers were curious to know if she were to get pregnant would she want a boy or a girl. Hailey said that she wants a baby girl. However, she previously told her followers that Cole Smith is a twin. So, there is a chance that she could get pregnant with more than one baby.

Unexpected Celeb Plans to Share Pregnancy with Fans

Hailey Tilford didn’t have an easy first pregnancy. Before she gave birth, the baby daddy, Matthew, left her. Their breakup was messy and caused a lot of unwanted drama. Hailey also dealt with a lot of hate from fans. Many Unexpected fans said hurtful comments to her since her story involved stealing her best friend’s boyfriend. But, it seems like she hopes that this time around it will be different.

Despite all the hate and drama from Unexpected followers, Hailey Tilford still plans on making her next pregnancy public. A fan asked her if she and Cole Smith will tell her followers that she is pregnant. Hailey said, “yes, we will definitely share the news when that happens.” Fans are glad to see her find happiness again.

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