‘Unexpected’: Hailey Tilford & Cole Smith Take Baby Levi on First Family Trip

Unexpected star Hailey Tilford (aka Hailey #2) and her boyfriend Cole Smith recently took Baby Levi on his first family trip. Hailey and Cole are getting ready to move into their new home. But, before they officially move, they spent a little family time together. See where they went.

Unexpected: Hailey Tilford Making Big Moves with New Boyfriend

Hailey Tilford and her new love Cole Smith are taking a big step in their relationship. The two haven’t been dating for long. But, Hailey seems to be happy with Cole. So, they decided to move in together. Hailey told fans she needed a bigger place for the family of three. And with her new job paying well, she was able to afford a new apartment. She and Cole move into their new place later this week.

The Unexpected young mom reportedly asked fans for money to help pay for her new place. However, with Hailey Tilford’s new job, she didn’t end up needing it. Now, it seems like she could use a little help furnishing hew new home. And Hailey looked to her fans again. So, she gave her followers the link to her gift registry. The list had household items and decorations — as well as patio furniture.

Unexpected: Cole Smith - Levi Tilford

Hailey #2 and Cole Smith Have Family Outing

Hailey Tilford thought that she was going to have to raise her son, Levi Tilford on her own. But, that doesn’t seem to the best case anymore. When the Unexpected reality star gave birth to Levi, Cole Smith stepped up to be a father figure in his life. Since Levi’s biological father, Matthew Blevins doesn’t seem to want anything to do with his son. So, Hailey seemingly won’t have to worry about her son not having a father in his life. Now that she has Cole by her side.

Before the Unexpected castmate officially moves in with Cole Smith, they took the time to go on a little family day trip. Hailey Tilford told fans that she and Cole took Levi to the zoo. This was Levi’s first time going to a zoo. They spent the day looking at different types of animals. Hailey also shared a picture of Cole and Levi spending a little father and son time together.

Unexpected: Hailey Tilford - Cole Smith

Unexpected Fans Praise Cole for Raising Levi

Hailey Tilford’s followers were glad to see that she has someone like Cole Smith in her life. Cole seems to treat Levi as if he was his biological son. He said that he “would do anything” for Levi. He also said that even though he isn’t Levi’s “real dad”, he has given him “a reason to be a better man.” And Unexpected supporters don’t let Cole’s kind behavior go unnoticed.

Unexpected followers often praise Cole Smith for him stepping up to help Hailey Tilford raise Levi. One fan said, “that’s what a man should do.” And that Cole “didn’t have to take care” of her son. But, he “stepped up and took the bull by the horns.” Another fan said that he is “such an amazing dad.” A fan also said that they are glad Hailey was able to find someone like Cole who loves “Levi like his own.”

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